Lecture Series

Lectures on a variety of musical subjects, including Composition, Musicology and Music Theory, are given regularly in the Department of Music. Speakers include UB faculty members, visiting lecturers and graduate students. All events, unless otherwise noted, are free and open to the public.

Upcoming Lectures

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Our seminars promote open and frank discussions that generate insights which have been extremely useful in shaping how I perceive my role and craft as a composer.

Igor Coelho A.S. Marques, PhD in Composition

Previous Lecturers

Zachary Bernstein Assistant Professor Eastman School of Music
Mark Evan Bonds Professor UNC Chapel Hill
Andre Bregegere Lecturer CUNY Queens College
Seth Brodsky Associate Professor University of Chicago
Tim Carter Professor UNC
Theodore Cateforis Associate Professor Syracuse University
Richard Cohn Professor Yale University
John Covach Professor Eastman School of Music
Suzanne Cusick Professor NYU
Jim David Professor SUNY Fredonia
Mary Davis Professor Case Western University
Todd Decker Professor Wachington University in St. Louis
Jonathan Dunsby Professor Eastman School of Music
Kyle Gann Professor Bard College
Charles Garrett Professor University of Michigan Ann Arbor
Lydia Hamessley Professor Hamilton College
Berthold Hoeckner Professor University of Chicago
Mark Katz Professor University of North Carolina
Michael Klein Professor Temple University
Lawrence Kramer Professor Cornell University
Adam Krims Professor University of Nottingham
Richard Leppert Professor University of Minnesota
Tamara Levitz Professor UCLA
Judy Lockhead Professor SUNY Stony Brook
Roger Moseley Professor Cornell University
Andre Mount Associate Professor SUNY Potsdam
Tiffany Naiman Thinking Matters Fellow Stanford University
Catherine Nolan Professor and Dean
of Graduate Studies
Western University, Ontario
Judith Peraino Professor Cornell University
Benjamin Piekut Professor Cornell University
Iann Quinn Professor Yale University
Steven Rings Associate Professor University of Chicago
Colin Roust Associate Professor University of Kansas
Anthony Shepherd Professor Williams College
Mary Simonson Associate Professor Colgate College
Elaine Sisman Professor Columbia University
Decatur Smith Stephen Associate Professor SUNY Stony Brook
Robynn Stilwell Professor Georgetown University
Robert Walser Professor Case Western University
Holly Watkins Professor Eastman School of Music