Faculty Directory A–Z

Internationally-recognized as premiere members of their fields, the UB Department of Music faculty represent some of the most gifted and innovative musicians and scholars in the global music community. Our faculty regularly perform, record, compose and write, all while receiving consistent accolades for the work they do with UB's talented music scholars. Students rarely leave our department without developing strong ties to their professors and forming mentor/mentee relationships that continue to provide impactful support throughout their future careers.

Emeritus Faculty

  • Frina Boldt
  • Mike Burke
  • Frank J. Cipolla
  • Sylvia Dimiziani
  • David R. Fuller
  • Martha Hyde
  • William Kothe
  • Jean Kopperud
  • Stephen Manes
  • Robert Mols
  • Jeremy Noble
  • Nancy Nuzzo
  • Harriet Simons
  • Charles Smith
  • Jeffrey Stadelman
  • Edmond Strainchamps
  • William Thomson
  • Jan Williams