April 20-24, 2019: ELISION Residency

Daryl Buckley of ELISION.

Australia’s premier new music ensemble came to Buffalo late April 2019 to perform works by UB student composers as well as a concert featuring a world premiere by UB alumnus Aaron Cassidy. Edge of the center wrote about the first concert and about the student pieces workshopped during the  residency.


Daryl Buckley – Lap Guitar
Joshua Hyde – Saxophones
Carl Rosman – Clarinets
Ben Marks – Trombone
Alex Waite – Piano
Peter Neville – Percussion
Katheryn Schulmeister – Bass
Matthew Horsley – Uilleann Pipes
Aaron Cassidy – Conductor

April 23:

Self-Portrait, Three Times, Standing (15.3.1991–20.3.1991) – Aaron Cassidy
The Wreck of Former Boundaries – Aaron Cassidy
Fletchwerk – Richard Barrett
The Green Lion Eats the Sun – Liza Lim
Anchor in the Road – Liam Flenady

April 24:

Noturno* – Igor Coelho A.S. Marques
The angles which wound me – John Aulich
eigengrau – Roberto Azaretto
Books II III VI VII XI XVII XXIV XXIX XLI* – Alex Huddleston

*dissertation pieces