The Guest Artist Series invites renowned composers, performers and scholars to the University at Buffalo to present, perform, lecture and hold workshops on a variety of contemporary music topics throughout the academic year.

2020-21 Guest Artists

Fall 2020

Arditti Quartet.


Elliott Carter (1908-2012): String Quartet No. 5 (1995)

David Felder (1953): Third Face (1998)

Harrison Birtwistle (1934): The Tree of Strings (2007)

Tom Kolor playing the viabraphone, and Shannon Reilly playing the violin.


Oliver Kwapis: Approach to Zion
Eric Huebner, piano

Daniel De Togni: Turn
Eric Huebner, piano; Shannon Reilly, violin

Brian Simalchik: Overlooks
ii. taconic  Eric Huebner, piano; Shannon Reilly, violin
iv. hudson Eric Huebner, piano; Jonathan Golove, cello
vii. timpbrook  Eric Huebner, piano; Jonathan Golove, cello
viii. mohonk Tom Kolor, vibraphone; Shannon Reilly, violin

Tyler Adamthwaite playing "where I go to be alone" for solo violin.


Edgar Girtain, 4 Improvisations for Solo Piano
performed by Eric Huebner
I. floating up, crashing down
II. they call me spatula hands
III. nocturne of uninhibited flesh
IV. for my father

Tyler Adamthwaite, Where I go to be alone
for solo violin, performed by the composer

Matias Homar, Landó
for electronic guitar and live processes (with video)

John Aulich, Skr, for electronics and vocals​ (with video)

Spring 2021

Info coming soon!

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