J Coley

Jessica Coley.

Pronouns: they/them

BA Sociology, 2015, SUNY Brockport
MA Sociology, 2017, University at Buffalo

Research interests: Race and racism, Social inequality, Gentrification, Housing, and Public policy

Recent courses: 
Social Research Methods
Sociology of Diversity
Introduction to Sociology

Bio: J Coley is a Sociology Ph.D. Candidate and Graduate Instructor at the University at Buffalo. They are an urban sociologist and public scholar who specializes in the areas of race and racism, social inequality, gentrification, and housing. J is a co-creator of the #BuffaloSyllabus and has previously published in Sociological Inquiry. J's dissertation, “Gentrification and Displacement in the American Rustbelt: A Qualitative Study of Neighborhood Change and Experience,” is a qualitative examination into the lives of people affected by gentrification in Buffalo, New York. 

Coley, J, Tiana U. Wilson, William Jamal Richardson, and Robert Mays. 2022. #BuffaloSyllabus

Coley, J, and Robert M. Adelman. 2021. “Gentrification in the ‘City of Good Neighbors’: Race, Class, and Neighborhoods in Buffalo.” Sociological Inquiry 91(4):824-848.

Conference Presentations:
James, Shauntey and J Coley. “The Bathroom Pushback: Transgender College Students.” Presentation at the Midwestern Criminal Justice Association Annual Meeting, September 2022.

Coley, J, and Francisco Ambrosio Figueroa. “TAing While Black or POC: A Safe Space to Share Our Experiences, Ideas, and Practices.” Teaching workshop at the American Sociological Association Annual Meeting, August 2021. 

Email: jcoley@buffalo.edu