Students on the Job Market 2020-21

Picture of Kristen Connolly.

Kristen Connolly

Dissertation: “Physicians, Occupational Autonomy and The Opioid Epidemic: How Physicians Manage Patients Suffering from Addiction and Maintain Professional Autonomy in an Increasingly Regulated Profession”
Committee: Mary Nell Trautner (chair), Hanna Grol-Prokopczk, Debra Street
Research Areas: Drug Use and Addiction; Crime; Sociology of Law; Inequality

Gregory Hall.

Gregory Hall
Dissertation: “A Search for Affordable Housing: Strategies, Normalization, and Individualism in Precarious Housing Situations. Minority Low-income Renters and Ex-Convicts”
Committee: Christopher Mele (chair), Robert Adelman, Mary Nell Trautner
Research Areas: Criminology; Urban sociology; Community; Housing inequality; Inequality and stratification; Culture

Matthew McLeskey.

Matthew H. McLeskey

Dissertation: “Life in a Leaded Landscape: Understanding Housing, Stigma, and Struggle in the Rest Belt”
Committee: Erin Hatton (chair), Christopher Mele, Veronica Horowitz, and Anya Bernstein (law school)
Research and Teaching Interests: Urban Sociology; Social & Sociological Theory; Law & Society; Qualitative Methods; Poverty & Inequalities; Environmental Sociology; Social Problems; Cultural Sociology