Students on the Job Market 2023-24

Byung Soo Lee.

Byung Soo Lee
Dissertation: “The Perceived Meaning of Eldercare among the Sandwich Generation of Adult Koreans and Korean Immigrants”
Committee: Kristen Schultz Lee (chair), Debra Street, Robert Adelman
Research Areas: Life Course; Sociology of Family; Immigration; Gender; Inequality; Sociology of Education

Picture of LIn.

Jiaying Lin

Dissertation: “Understanding the Impact of the First Anti-Domestic Violence Law in China”
Committee: Kristen Schultz Lee (chair), Mary Nell Trautner, Erin Hatton
Research Areas: Law & Society, Aging and Life Course, Domestic Violence, China Studies, Qualitative Methods

CV: Jiaying Lin CV

Picture of Laura.

Laura Obernesser

Dissertation: “The Ambiguity of Help: Grandparents, their Adult Children, and the Ambiguity of Childcare among Rural Western New Yorkers”
Committee: Kristen Schultz Lee (chair), Ashley Barr, Debra Street
Research Areas: Family, Families and Inequality, Family Roles, Rural Families, Aging and the life course, Transition to adulthood, Intimate Relationships, Kinship ties, Generations and Society, Stress, Agency, Qualitative Methods

Picture of Rachel.

Rachel Zhang
Dissertation: “Neighborhoods and Wellbeing: A Life Course Approach”
Committee: Ashley Barr (chair), Robert Adelman, Yunmei (Iris) Lu
Research Areas: Urban Sociology, Criminology, Health, Family, Quantitative Methods