Meet Our Graduate Students

PhD students

Name Email Areas of Study
Daniel Bagnell Medical Sociology, Urban Sociology, Labor
Christopher Bosley Occupations and Work, Mental Health, Emotions, Social Psychology
Erica Boyce Sociology of Education, Drug Policy, Crime, Health
Gabriela Ceja Morales Sociology of work and industry; Labor markets; Corporate impact; Social inequality; Environmental justice
Yaolin (Miranda) Chen Urban sociology; Food studies; Participatory community planning 
Yu-An Chen Health Disparities, Medical Sociology, Food, Environmental Sociology, Quantitative Methods
Hsiao-Wen Chiang Immigration, Race and Ethnicity, Urban Sociology
Michael Cimasi Law & Society, Higher Education, Organizations and Institutions, Urban Sociology & Medical Gentrification
Jessica Coley Race, Residential Segregation, Gentrification
Kristen Connolly Drugs and Addiction, Crime and the Law, Inequality
Shiyue Cui Sociology of Law, Social Policy, Work and Labor
Willis Danielson

Urbanization; Infrastructures; Sustainability

Zachary Evans Public Policy, Political Economy, Media, Urban Economics, Political Demography
Francisco Figueroa Racial and Economic Residential Segregation, Law and Social Policy, Social Structure and Personality, Self and Self-Concept
Sarah Glann Environmental Sociology, Medical Sociology, Sociology of Gender
Gregory Hall Criminology, Urban Sociology, Community, Housing Inequality, Inequality and Stratification, Culture
Rui Huang

Medical Sociology

Emily Jauch Gender; Sex and sexuality; The body; Reproductive politics; Health; Qualitative methods
Eileen Keh Family, Aging, Health, Quantitative and Qualitative Methods, East Asia
Byung Soo Lee Sociology of Family, Immigration, Inequality, Life Course, and Sociology of Education
Jiaying Lin Family studies; Gender inequality; Chinese studies
Ting-Hui Lin Social policy; Social welfare; Disability studies; Aging and the life course; Inequality; Qualitative Methods
Wei Luo Quantitative Research Methods, Sociology of Health
Natalia Marte Critical Race Theory, Law, Mass Incarceration and Policing
Matthew McLeskey Urban sociology; Social & sociological theory; Law & society; Qualitative methods; Poverty & inequalities; Environmental sociology; Social problems; Cultural sociology
Laura Obernesser Family and family inequalities; Aging, gender, and the life course; Generations and society; Kinship relationships and care work; Relationships and health; Social theory; Qualitative methods

Anupriya Pandey

Sociology of Education, Social Stratification and Pedagogy of Social Sciences

Surabhi Pant Gender, Sexuality and Body Politics, Queer Politics and Social Movements
Margaret Rex Political Sociology, Political Extremism and Anti-governmentality, Social Stratification
Julia Schoonover Human Rights, Immigration, Law & Social Policy
Jennifer Schweitzer Gender, Social Inequalities, Criminology, Social Policy, Law
Youlhee Seo Adolescence, Socialization, Lifecourse
Jared Strohl
Social Theory, Urban Studies, Environmental Studies, Race, Class & Inequality, Food, Culture
Srushti Upadhyay Sociology of Gender, Sexuality, Criminology
Siqi Wang Inequality in Health, Cultural Participation
Zhe Wang Urban Sociology, Culture, Family
Miranda Workman Animals & Society, Environment, Family, Theory
Yulin Yang Immigration, Health, Aging and Life Course, Quantitative Methods
Zhe (Rachel) Zhang Urban sociology; Gender studies; Quantitative methods

MA Students

Name Email Areas of Study
Theresa Beyer Environmental sociology; Social inequalities
Greg Buell Political sociology; Military sociology
Spencer Cameron-Presley Life course sociology; Early childhood socialization
Jeremy Carr Criminology; Incarceration policy reform; Criminal justice & punishment; Deviance & recidivism
Jean Carroll Race; Gender; Class; Social policy
Sara DiPasquale Inequalities among marginalized identities, specifically gender and sexuality; language patterns
Willow Greene Labor; Gender; Race
Tunazzina Kaijar Race; Class; Family; Health
Chelsey Wilbern Criminology; Criminal justice; Social inequalities