Margaret Rex

Maggie Rex.

MA in Sociology, University at Buffalo, SUNY
BA in Social Work, SUNY Brockport

Research Interests: Political sociology, Social Movements, Health and Social Inequality, with a focus on political extremism and online social movements

Courses Taught:  
Introduction to Sociology (online, in-person)  
Research Methods
Sociology of Diversity 
Race, Class, and Gender
Redefining Social Movements in the Digital Age (Honors)

Bio: I was introduced to Sociology on my first day at community college and decided there and then that teaching sociology was my life's work. I transferred to a four year college and pursued a degree in Social Work as an undergraduate in the hopes that it would allow me to do on-the-ground social justice work and have a more stable income as a single mother. I spent several years as a social worker with agencies serving homeless women and children, and later individuals with developmental disabilities. I returned to Sociology for graduate school and hope to continue research on American political extremism and the way that paths toward extremism are incubated in online spaces. I am a passionate instructor and believe deeply in social justice, intersectional feminist pedagogy and applied sociology as guiding principles of my scholarship and teaching.