Nicholas (Tucker) Reyes

MA: Sociology and Education, 2022, Teachers College, Columbia University
BS: Financial Counseling and Planning, 2018, Purdue University
BA: Law and Society, 2020, Purdue University

Research Interests: Economic Sociology, Law & Society, Inequality, Historical Sociology, Sociology of Education

Bio: Tucker Reyes is a PhD student and teaching assistant in the Department of Sociology at the University at Buffalo. His research interests are rooted in law and the economy, particularly questions involving poverty and the role of legal and economic institutions in facilitating social mobility or perpetuating inequality. He has studied the historical progression of the welfare state and public assistance programs, and the legal stigmatization of the “undeserving” versus the “deserving poor.” For his master’s project, he examined the influence of economic and education policy on workforce training opportunities for socioeconomically disadvantaged students.