Students answer questions during freshman orientation.

Undergraduate students may choose the BA in Sociology, the BA in Criminology or the combined BA/MA in Applied Social Research.

Why did you choose to major in sociology?

"Majoring in sociology equips you with critical thinking and writing skills that will help you in any career, in addition to helping you define a more socially conscious worldview." – Lori Brok, BA '10

Sociology Majors

The BA in Sociology trains students to identify the major research methods used by sociologists, compare and contrast the utility and relevance of a range of methods to the study of different social issues, and apply some research methods to the analysis of social issues. Students also build knowledge of social science statistical methods and conduct basic statistical analysis. Upon completion of this degree, students should be able to describe the significance of social theory to society, compare and contrast theoretical orientations, and apply theories to social issues.

The BA in Criminology focuses on the nature and cause of crime, criminal behavior, and how society reacts to crime. This field of study is ideal for students who seek careers in law enforcement, surveillance and reconnaissance, and data protection/security, which require a strong background in crime or law, with skills associated with analyzing and interpreting data. The undergraduate degree also prepares students for graduate training in sociology, criminology, criminal justice or law, or to pursue advanced training in crime, law or justice professions.

The combined BA/MA in Sociology with a formal Concentration in Applied Social Research provides students with extra training in research design and the advanced statistical and qualitative research methods used to analyze social issues. Students will understand and be able to apply sociological theories and research techniques to social issues, linking ideas with evidence in a combined undergraduate/graduate program that prepares students for a range of career options. The BA/MA in Applied Social Research is designed for students who want high-quality research and analytic skills, and to complete a master's degree in less than the usual required time. 

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