Meet Our Students

Based on faculty and instructor nominations to the Undergraduate Studies Committee, the department chooses one undergraduate major  to feature as our monthly Sociology & Criminology Student Spotlight. This program recognizes the extraordinary achievements, accomplishments, and activities of our undergraduate students.

Current Student Spotlight:

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    May 2022: Abu Abraha

    Abu started his college career as a Political Science major, but found SOC 101 so fascinating that he added a major in Sociology.  He appreciates how sociology helps him understand how and why society functions the way it does.  He is currently sharing his enthusiasm for the subject by serving as an undergraduate TA for SOC 211, Sociology of Diversity.

    After graduation, Abu plans to take a gap year, and then to attend law school, with hopes of working as an attorney in international law. Good luck with your future plans, and congratulations, Abu!


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