Attention: The Math Place is now virtual!

Opening Monday, March 23rd at 9 a.m..  Tutors will be available in real time Mon-Fri 9 a.m.-10 p.m. EDT & Saturday-Sunday 2 p.m.-8p.m. EDT. Questions posted outside these times will be answered during the next real time period.

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About Us

Our Mission

The Thomas J. Edwards Undergraduate Learning Center offers students an opportunity to develop their learning skills through credit-bearing courses in algebra and trigonometry.  Qualified instructors present courses in a personalized atmosphere enhanced by tutorial assistance.

ULC courses are open to any undergraduate student enrolled at the university. While the center is not a degree-awarding program, it does offer courses that carry regular academic credit.

Fundamental to the center is its free tutoring program, available on a walk-in basis, to university-enrolled undergraduate students.  The Math Place offers students a comfortable and encouraging environment to receive assistance with their learning.  Tutoring is offered for the following courses: ULC 147, ULC 148, MTH 121, MTH 122, MTH 131, MTH 141, & MTH 142.

About Our Facilities

Math Place entrance.

The Thomas J. Edwards Undergraduate Learning Center is housed in Baldy Hall on North Campus.  The main office is in room 217, while the instructor offices are located in rooms 213 and 215 and the Math Place is in room 211.  Each instructor office contains a white board and two computers that can be utilized during office hours to support students’ understanding of content and allow them access to online homework platforms.

The Math Place is equipped with tables and whiteboards for students to work at that encourage collaboration.  Other resources available for student use include calculators, pencils, scrap paper, and the textbooks associated with each course that tutoring is offered for.  The Math Place is a technology-friendly environment, offering Wi-Fi and plenty of outlets for students to use their own devices to access online homework platforms.

Student area with tables and white boards.

Have questions you need answered?

If you’re looking for more specific information about our courses, the Math Place, or employment with the ULC, browse our website and be sure to check out the FAQ page.

Still can’t find what you’re looking for?  Feel free to stop in with any questions or concerns, or just to visit!  You can also reach us at 716-645-2394 or