CAS APT Committee

July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2019

This committee meets every Thursday afternoon from 3-5:30pm. 

Committee of 12; all members hold continuing appointment; at most 3 Associate Professors; no two members from one unit; no member a unit chair or CAS officer; election each Fall, with one candidate nominated by each CAS unit not having a continuing member; members serve 3-year terms, at most two terms consecutively. Committee elects Professor as Chair.

Chair: Surajit Sen

Term ending June 30, 2021:

ART   Millie Chen – Professor – 1st Term
APY   Timothy Chevral – Professor – 1st Term
PSY   Jennifer Read – Professor – 2nd Term
BIO    James Berry - Professor - Partial Term*

Term ending June 30, 2020:

CHE   John Richard – UB Dstg Professor – Partial Term**
PHY   Surajit Sen – Professor – 2nd Term
GEO   Le Wang – Professor – 1st Term

Term ending June 30, 2019:

MTH   Jonathan Dimock – Professor – 2nd Term
MUS   Thomas Kolor – Associate Professor – Partial Term***
TD     Nathan Matthews – Associate Professor – Partial Term****
ENG   Jerold Frakes – SUNY Dstg Professor – Partial Term*****


*James Berry (BIO) replaces Paul Gollnick (term ending June 30, 2021)

**John Richard (CHE) replaces Prof. Thomas Feeley until June 30, 2019.  Prof. Feeley will then return to finish out his term through June 30, 2020.

***Thomas Kolor (MUS) replaces Gerald Koudelka (term ending June 30, 2019)  

****Nathan Matthews (TD) replaces Kristin Tjaden (term ending June 30, 2019)

*****Jerold Frakes (ENG) replaces Liana Vardi (term ending June 30, 2019)