College Ambassadors

A student ambassador smiles and talks with a group of new students.

In a university as large as UB, it's important that students have the opportunity to make connections and build professional relationships from the moment they step on campus. With this in mind, every year the College of Arts and Sciences assembles a group of exceptional students to serve as College Ambassadors.

The College Ambassadors are students who have been nominated by faculty and staff after demonstrating a commitment to academic excellence and community engagement. Ambassadors represent the College at a wide variety of events, serving as liaisons between the dean’s office and the student body. They are available to provide insight, advice and information to current and prospective students, as well as their families.

The Ambassadors participate in unique professional development opportunities, including leadership training and networking events with faculty and alumni. Though potential Ambassadors must be nominated, interested students may speak with their departmental advisor to indicate their enthusiasm. 

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Nominate an Ambassador

If there is a student whom you feel exemplifies the fine qualities of your department, as well as the academic and professional excellence of the College of Arts and Sciences, please consider nominating them to serve as a College Ambassador.

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College Ambassador Academic Enrichment Award

Undergraduate Ambassadors are encouraged to apply for an academic enrichment award (up to $500) once per academic year while serving as ambassadors to be used for future academic enrichment activities

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