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College Ambassadors with Victor E. Bull at an admissions event.

Created in 2013, the College Ambassador program brings together College of Arts and Sciences students who have excelled academically and are involved in campus and community activities. The students are nominated by faculty and staff to represent the College at a variety of university-sponsored events. Ambassadors serve as liaisons between the dean’s office and the student body, assist their home departments and provide insights and information to prospective students.

Throughout the year, Ambassadors also participate in unique professional development opportunities, including leadership training, community engagement activities and networking events with faculty and alumni. In past years, Ambassadors have helped celebrate the CAS centennial, spoken at Open House, networked with alumni and thanked donors for their contributions to the College. 

If there is a student whom you feel exemplifies the fine qualities of your department, as well as the academic and professional excellence of the College of Arts and Sciences, please consider nominating them to serve as a College Ambassador.


Students should meet the following criteria to be eligible to participate in this program:

  • Student pursuing a degree program within the College of Arts and Sciences
  • A least one year of completed study at the University at Buffalo
  • At least one year remaining to serve as an Ambassador
  • A minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Involvement in campus or community groups/activities
  • Strong communication and leadership skills

Please Note: A nomination does not automatically guarantee the student a spot in the Ambassador program. Nominees will go through an interview process before final selection as College Ambassadors.

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Anne Mecca
Assistant Director for Admissions and Student Services

Gabrielle Jaquays
Graduate Admissions Advisor