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Physics students in the lab of Professor Hong Luo.

Physics students in the lab of Professor Hong Luo. 

UB is a nationally-ranked institution and the most comprehensive public research university in New York State. We're a community of scholars impacting the world through research and creative activity. Our students seek challenges, strive for intellectual integrity, question current principles and practices, take responsibility for the world around them and embrace every opportunity to apply classroom knowledge in a broader practical context.

Home to the arts, humanities, social sciences and natural sciences, the College of Arts and Sciences comprises a diverse array of faculty and departments. Due to our depth and breadth, graduate students have a wide variety of degree options at both the master's and doctoral level. When deciding which area of concentration is right for them, we encourage our students to think across the disciplines and follow the paths of research and discovery that most excite them.

Notes from Dean Schulze

It takes time, effort and patience to discover your passion, but when you discover your passion, you discover the problems you want to solve.

Master's Degrees

A standard master's degree (MA, MS, MFA or MM) generally requires one or two years to complete. Often, internships or fieldwork are part of the requirements. A research master's degree may require a written thesis or comprehensive examination in addition to coursework.

Doctoral Degrees

The College of Arts and Sciences offers a research doctoral degree (PhD) involving coursework and research training. Students conduct original research and report their findings through a written dissertation. A typical doctoral degree requires three to five years to complete.

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The UB College of Arts and Sciences is committed to recruiting the very best PhD students and preparing doctoral students for career success. 

Advanced Certificates

In addition to master's and doctoral degree options, the College of Arts and Sciences offers special advanced certificates for graduate students. Advanced Certificates are multidisciplinary certifications that can be pursued to supplement an existing graduate degree track or to complete coursework as a non-matriculated student. In an increasingly competitive job market, advanced certifications also serve to identify highly valuable applicants.

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UB Graduate School Admissions

Learn about the application process, get help finding a program, schedule a campus visit, request further information and make a plan for funding your education.

Departments and Programs

With 30 departments, 23 centers and institutes, two art galleries and major theater and music performance venues, the College of Arts and Sciences is the largest academic division in the University at Buffalo. 

Find a Graduate Degree

The College of Arts and Sciences offers more than 100 master’s, doctoral and professional degrees in the arts, fine arts, humanities, interdisciplinary studies, natural sciences, mathematics and social sciences. 

Experiential Learning

As a College of Arts and Sciences graduate student, you have the opportunity to participate in internships, community engagement projects, study abroad programs, independent research and a host of other experiences. 

Graduate Awards and Fellowships

Every year, several awards are made available to graduate students within the College of Arts and Sciences. Students who apply for and receive an assistantship remain eligible for these awards.


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