Newly Admitted Graduate Students

View of the North Campus in the fall.

The College of Arts and Sciences would like to congratulate you on your acceptance to the University at Buffalo. Whether you are a freshman, transfer, international or graduate student, your presence within the College is sure to enrich our community and drive our commitment to academic and professional excellence. 

Here is How You Take the Next Step

At its heart, the College of Arts and Sciences seeks to foster responsible citizenship through the cultivation of character. For us today, a liberal arts education means developing the ability to think critically, reason carefully and communicate effectively. It also demands flexibility, courage and perseverance – characteristics that prove ever more vital in an increasingly complex global society.

You are here because we believe that you have the passion and stamina to embrace our values and carry out the much-needed work of solving the world's problems. Our pledge is to continually support you in this effort. Thank you for choosing the College of Arts and Sciences as the place where your future begins.

Notes from Dean Schulze

Students come to UB because they know it’s how they will access their potential. They succeed here because they believe in themselves. We believe in them because we know that when a UB student succeeds, they change the world.


Few things in life are more challenging – or exhilarating – than beginning your graduate school career. The College of Arts and Sciences invites you to contact us with any questions or concerns that arise during the enrollment process. We can't wait to welcome to you to campus this fall!

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