MA in English

Pursue your passion while developing relevant and cross-functional skills that are in demand throughout industries, organizations and geographic areas. Whether you want to do research, write, teach, produce digital media or branch out into law, marketing or more, our MA in English positions you for career success. 

UB's Department of English helps you enhance your education with high-impact experiential learning and extracurricular activities. 

Infographic that says, 10 Skills Employers Want: Research, Critical Thinking, Global Perspective, Written Communication, Oral Communication, Diversity and Cultural Appreciation, Leadership, Professional Conduct, Project Management.

Be Career Ready

Employers often cite the skills profile of applicants as the most important factor in their recruitment and job offer decisions.

Here is how we help you develop 10 critical skills:

What Job Title Is In Your Future?

* Grant Writer
* Technical Writer
* Speech Writer
* Editor
* Secondary Teacher
* Social Media Specialist
* Senior Policy Advisor
* Proposal Coordinator
* Development Officer
* Policy Coordinator
* Research Specialist
* Public Relations Specialist

About one-third of UB’s MA in English graduates pursue careers in other fields, most often law, business management and marketing.

Meet Alumnus Ward Tefft

Image of interior of Chop Suey Bookstore.

If you're in Richmond, Virginia, stop by and introduce yourself to UB alumnus Ward Tefft, owner of Chop Suey Books. With over 45,000 titles under its roof, you can buy, sell and trade books of all genres. Read more in the April 2019 New York Times article, "A Southern Bookstore Serving Up a Little Bit of Everything." (The article is free, but you must register on the website.)

How Much Can You Earn?

Choose from a wide variety of career paths and industries with a Master's in English. Below are just a few examples of the median annual wage for associated job titles according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics using May 2017 national data. Wages vary based on industry, experience and location.

Average annual salary bar graph for Social Media/PR Specialists.
salary graph high school English teachers.
Average annual salary bar graph for Editors.
Average annual salary bar graph for Writers and Authors.

Young Alumni

Below are a few recent alumni who are making a difference in their profession and their communities. They're looking forward to helping you expand your professional network.

  • Alison Fraser, MA ’18, Assistant Curator of the Poetry Collection, University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY
  • Dan McKeon, MA ’18, Associate Editor, General Code, Rochester, NY
  • Matthew Pieknik, MA ’11, recently earned a Master of Social Work from New York University and he has a private psychotherapy and psychoanalysis practice, Manhattan, NY
  • Jill Twist, MA ’09, Assistant Proposals Coordinator, Ecology and Environment in Lancaster, NY
graphic with a generic map and location pointer; headline reads, Where will you go from here?