MA in Political Science

Develop the skills you need to analyze, communicate and manage complex political phenomena at all levels including local, state, national and international issues. 

A combination of an advanced degree and professional skills are critical for success in today’s competitive job market. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Graduates with highly specialized training, a master’s degree, and internship or volunteer experience should have the best job prospects.”

Infographic that says, 10 Skills Employers Want: 1. Research 2. Communication 3. Data Collection and Analytics 4. Professional Conduct 5. Critical Thinking 6. Global Perspective 7. Leadership 8. Project Management 9. Collaboration and Teamwork 10. Diversity and Cultural Awareness.

Be Career Ready

  • Evaluate current government policies and events using public opinion surveys, economic data and election results.
  • Research the effects of government policies on a particular region or population, and provide information and analysis that helps in planning, developing or carrying out policies.
  • Learn to manage complicated legal and regulatory issues and policies for political organizations, lobbying firms and labor unions.
  • Research, analyze or advocate for specific causes such as immigration policy, healthcare or the environment.

Employers often cite the skills profile of applicants as the most important factor in their recruitment and job offer decisions.

Here is how we help you develop 10 critical skills:

How much can you earn?

Bar graph, Salary: high $164,200; median $117,570; low $59,300.
A pie chart with the annual average wages for political scientists in the top industries in which they worked: Educational services: $70,430; Religious, grant making, civic, etc.: $81,390; Professional, scientific, technical: $114,760; Federal government: $126,060.

The median annual wage for political scientists was $117,570 in May 2017. Wages vary greatly by position and industry. 

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

What career is in your future?

* Policy Analyst
* Data Analyst
* Political Scientist
* Legislative Assistant
* Social Media Manager
* Political Consultant
* Attorney
* Intelligence Analyst
* Political Campaign Staff
* Teacher
* Public Relations Specialist
* Marketing Research Analyst