MA in Sociology

Apply advanced sociological theory to research projects to help solve some of the world's biggest challenges in areas such as health, law and social policy, social inequalities, urban sociology and more.

The Department of Sociology will customize your education with high-impact experiential learning and extracurricular activities to develop the skills that employers demand. We will introduce you to new professional networks in the industries and organizations that interest you the most.

Infographic that says 10 Skills Employers Want: 1. Teamwork 2. Data Collection and Analysis 3. Diversity Appreciation 4. Leadership 5. Research 6. Professional Conduct 7. Oral Communication 8. Written Communication 9. Global Perspective 10. Critical Thinking.

Be Career Ready

Employers often cite the skills profile of applicants as the most important factor in their recruitment and job offer decisions. 

Here is how we help develop 10 critical skills:

How much can you earn?

Bar graph with three vertical bars: $42k, $80k, $147k.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for sociologists was $79,750 in May 2016. The highest 10% earned more than $146,860.

What career is in your future?

* Data Analyst
* Demographer
* Survey Researcher
* Statistician
* Policy Analyst
* Criminologist
* Research Analyst
* Counselor
* Marketing Manager
* Project Manager
* Diversity Officer
* Educator
* Program Assistant
* Case Manager

MA in Sociology Alumni

In addition to those mentioned in the examples above, here are a few more alumni who are making a difference in their profession and their communities. Visit the Department of Sociology website for a more complete list of alumni, including those who chose to pursue a PhD. 

  • Alex Capella, MA '19, Research Analyst, Knowledge, Systems and Research
  • Kharuna Jaichandra, MA '19, Senior Executive, Singapore International Foundation
  • Albert Kim, MA '19, Research Analyst, American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers
  • Brandon Noga, MA '19, Assistant Director of Admissions, Utica College
  • Richard Patti, MA '19, Adjunct Instructor, Medaille College and Niagara County Community College
  • Natasha Clark, MA '18, Administrative Coordinator, The Expedition School
  • Tenzin Metok, MA '18, Program Associate, The Tibet Fund
  • Stephanie Valenzuela, MA '18, Case Manager, Jewish Family Service
  • Rochelle Chua, MA '17, Research Assistant at Singapore University of Technology and Design

With quantitative and qualitative data analysis and data visualization skills, I’m able to construct narratives for pragmatic decisions that drive favorable business outcomes.

Aaron Elliott, MA ’16
Insights and Segmentation Manager, Elsevier