MA in Sustainabilty Leadership

Be at the forefront of an innovative, interdisciplinary movement that tackles some of the most difficult socioecological problems of our time. Graduates enjoy diverse and growing sustainability leadership job prospects in business, economics, social planning, environmental science, design and technology.

The MA in Sustainability Leadership is a joint venture of the College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Architecture and Planning, the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and the School of Management.

Infographic that says, 10 Skills Employers Want: 1. Communication 2. Complex problem solving 3. Leadership 4. Project management 5. Research 6. Critical thinking 7. Data something 8. Diversity and cultural awareness 9. Collaboration and teamwork 10. Professional conduct.

Employers often cite the skills profile of applicants as the most important factor in their recruitment and job offer decisions. Here is how we help you develop 10 critical skills for the sustainability leadership position you want:

UB RENEW Institute

Photo looking into the UB RENEW lab.

Participate with the university-wide and interdisciplinary UB RENEW Institute (Research and Education in Energy, Environment and Water), which focuses on complex energy and environmental issues, as well as the social and economic ramifications.

RENEW’s research focuses on several prominent issues, including:

  • Energy Diversification
  • Freshwater Protection and Restoration
  • Ecosystem Science, Engineering and Policy
  • Societal Adaptation to Changing Environments and the Green Economy
  • Public Health
  • Environmental Management and Governance

Is a sustainability leadership role in your future?

Sustainability jobs represent a large and growing portion of the U.S. workforce across multiple sectors, outpacing others in job creation in every state. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, “There is no set career path for jobs in sustainability; these jobs have varying responsibilities across different organizations.”

Below are just a few potential job titles and, in the pie chart, corresponding 2018 average annual salaries:

  • Compliance Officer 
  • Environmental Scientist 
  • Urban and Regional Planner
  • Environmental Engineer 
  • Wind Energy Project Manager
A pie chart with annual salaries.
2018 Average Annual Salary

Sources: Bureau of Labor Statistics; Occupational Information Network (O*NET), developed under the sponsorship of the U.S. Department of Labor/Employment and Training Administration