GDAT Workshops

The Graphic Design and Art & Technology programs within the Department of Art  hold workshops and info sessions through the semester. Topics have included hands-on demonstrations of our digital fabrication machines, traditional design techniques, software processes, and more.

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Leanne Goldblatt demonstrates how to thread the embroidery machine to a group of students.
Kelly Myers-Chunco presents a marbled paper and block printing workshop. A table holds a number of trays filled with water and pigmented ink. Several students are working with the materials.
Josie Freeman demonstrates to a group of onlookers how to place the small lower bobbin into the embroidery machine.
Instructor Bello demonstrates the AxiDraw to two onlookers. The AxiDraw is a digital machine that holds a marker and draws the image on paper using instructions from a computer.


UX Design with Matthew Brigante, Design Lab Buffalo
February 21, 2022

Basic Sewing with Josie Freeman
April 15, 2022

Digital Embroidery: Introduction, with Nicole Chochrek
April 22, 2022

Pumpkin Patch Making on the Digital Embroidery Machine
October 27, 2022, as part of Art In The Open

GDAT Info Session and Halloween Party
October 31, 2022

Photographing Design Work
November 4, 2022
(Keynote Slide Deck)

Embroidery, with Josie Freeman
November 11, 2022
(Keynote Slide Deck, In-Progress)

Photogrammetry, with Jon Bolt
November 14, 2022
(Keynote Slide Deck)


UV Printing on 3D Printed Coins, and Pouch-Making on the Quilting Machine
October 28, 2022, as part of Art In The Open

Portfolio Preparation and Being ready for What Comes Next
November 5, 2021
(Keynote Slide Deck)

Digital Embroidery with Leanne Goldblatt
November 19, 2021

3D Printing: Getting Started, with Bello
November 12, 2021
(Keynote Slide Deck)

Marbled Paper and Block Printing, with Kelly Myers-Chunco
December 10, 2021


Adobe InDesign: Creating a Multipage (love-themed) Document
February 14, 2020
(Keynote Slide Deck)

Multicamera Video Shooting and Editing
February 21, 2020


Mac OS Basics, 
Security, Privacy, Backups and Maintenance
September 20, 2019
(Keynote Slide Deck)

Adobe CC Basics and Adobe Alternatives
September 27, 2019

Digital Embroidery with Leanne Goldblatt
October 11, 2019
(Keynote Slide Deck)

3D Scanning with David Moser
October 18, 2019

Portfolio Preparation and Being ready for What Comes Next
November 5, 2019
(Keynote Slide Deck)

Wacom Interactive Display Demonstration
November 19, 2019  

AIGA Student Group Organizational Meeting
December 6, 2019
(Keynote Slide Deck)