Lab Assistants

Work Study

Students who qualify for federal work study may work as a lab assistant for $14.20/hour. Monitors earning work study are expected to have a working knowledge of the Macintosh and graphics applications.

The amount of your work study award is for the entire academic year, ending June 30. You can work as many hours as your work study amount will permit, up to 12 hours per week while classes are in session. Your award must last through the end of a given semester. An $2500 award will cover about 6 hours a week through both fall & spring semesters.

See the UB Federal Work Study Program site.


All requirements for filing initial forms and time sheets must be strictly followed, or payment cannot be guaranteed. Please refer to the information posted on the UB Federal Work Study Program site. Make special note of the following:

  1. Student’s must have received their Federal Work Study Appointment Form before accepting a position.
  2. The completed Federal Work-Study appointment form needs to be turned in to Human Resources by the first day of employment. Your supervisor will upload completed paperwork to Human Resources' Sensitive UB Box.
  3. HR will then contact you with any necessary tax forms and other paperwork which you will complete and upload.
  4. Work Study Online Time-sheets must be filled out and submitted on the last day of each pay period. The payroll calendar is available through the UB Federal Work Study Program site. Late time-sheets will not be approved.