How To Print

Xerox 7835 MultiFunction Printer in 142 CFA

The Department of Art Emerging Practices/Graphic Design Labs feature a Xerox 7835 MultiFunction Printer, ubART-Xerox7835. Stocked with high quality 8.5″ x 11″ (Letter) and 11″ x 17″ (Tabloid) paper, the device will print and copy, collate, fold and staple, and scan to email or jump drive. Users can print from lab computers or their own laptops by adding the printer at <> and installing the appropriate Xerox driver.

User accounts will be created for every student enrolled in an EP/GD Lab course, as well as for students in ART 140 and Senior Thesis. For each course lab fee paid, a student may print up to 100 color and 100 black and white impressions (a print on a singe page side) on either size paper. If you exceed your quota and can no longer print, see Dom in CFA 139.

Course-Related Artwork Only

The printer has been purchased and is maintained with student lab fees. It should be used for Course-Related Artwork Only. Text documents and materials for other courses should be printed in the UB Public Labs, such as 2nd Floor Lockwood Library.

Quick Instructions (Details Below)

  1. Open the PRINT Dialog.
    (In the Adobe Apps, after choosing File>Print, click on PRINTER (Photoshop) or SETUP (Illustrator) or PRINT SETTINGS (InDesign).
  2. Select the ubART-Xerox7835 Printer. Make sure to click the SHOW DETAILS button.
  3. Depending on the app you are in, find either the PRINTER FEATURES or XEROX FEATURES menu.
  4. Choose ADVANCED menu option, or if it is available, ACCOUNTING.
  6. Enter Person Number in DEFAULT USER ID. 
  7. Settings may be saved as a preset to avoid having to enter person number each time.

Detailed Instructions

The below instructions apply to EP/GD Lab computers and your own computer if the ubART-Xerox7835 has been properly configured*.

  1. Do not load your own paper or fix jams. The Lab Monitor in 142 CFA will do this.
  2. Determine the paper size: Letter or Tabloid. You cannot print fully edge to edge — there will be a .25″ margin. If you need a full 8.5×11 (letter)  image, float it on an 11×17 (tabloid) page and trim if necessary.
  3. Go to File>Page Setup and choose the ubART-Xerox7835 printer, the correct paper size (8.5″ x 11″ letter or 11″ x 17″ tabloid) and orientation (portrait or landscape.)
  4. In File>Print confirm you have chosen the correct printer, as shown in the Printer menu. Expand the Print dialog box, if necessary, by clicking the SHOW DETAILS button.
    • Note that in some applications that have their own printing options, such as Adobe apps, the below settings appear under an additional button such as PRINTER (Photoshop) or SETUP (Illustrator) or PRINT SETTINGS (InDesign)
Screenshot of printer dialog.

5. Select Xerox Features if available, or Printer Features from the drop-down menu.
Under Features>Paper/Output configure 2-Sided Printing, and Finishing (stapling, hole punch, folding, booklet) as necessary.

Screenshot of printer dialog.

6. Under Features>Advanced or, if available, >Accounting:
Choose Accounting System>Xerox Standard Accounting.
Enter your Person Number as the DEFAULT USER ID.

Printer Dialog - Accounting.
Screenshot of printer dialog - xerox standard accounting.

7. Under the Presets menu at the top, choose “Save Current Settings As Preset” You can then avoid having to enter your User ID every job. as long as that preset is chosen.

Please see your instructor or a lab monitor if you need help configuring your print settings within specific applications.

Setting Up To Print From Your Own Computer

  • Make sure you are connected to the UB_Secure or eduroam WiFi networks.
  • If you have a MacBook, open System Preferences>Printers and Scanners and click + to add a Printer.
  • Click IP and enter:
  • Your Mac should automatically find the Xerox 7835 driver and automatically download any needed software. If it does not do so automatically, you will have to download the latest Xerox 7835 driver for your computer.
  • Windows instructions differ. Ask Dom in 139 if you need assistance.

Copy, Email, and Print-From

The Xerox 7835 can function as a copier and a scanner, and can print from files located on a USB drive. Choose the function from the touch interface on the unit. You will be asked for your user ID.


  • Configure options as needed


  • Rather than creating hard copies, email will send PDFs to an email address of your choice

Print From

  • Printable file formats include:
    • TIFF
    • JPEG
    • PDF

Multipage Booklet Printing

InDesign CC is able to impose pages and print foldable spreads to the Xerox 7835.