Minor in Asian Studies

The interdisciplinary Minor in Asian Studies is designed to broaden and enrich the academic experience and complements majors in academic or professional fields. The minor program develops skills and concepts for appreciating the rich civilizations of Asia and for working professionally with Asian peoples. The minor is a valuable credential for graduate study and international careers.

Total credit hours: 30

  1. Core course: 1 required (3 credit hours)
    • AS 181: Asian Civilization I
    • AS 182: Asian Civilization II
    • AS 221: Survey of Asian Literature
    • AS 229: Contemporary Asian Societies
  2. Language proficiency: 4 courses (18 credit hours)
    • Students are required to take four semesters of an Asian language other than their native language or demonstrate intermediate-level proficiency equivalent to two years of classroom language study at UB. 100 and 200 level language courses may be shared with another degree program. Students who are able to demonstrate intermediate-level proficiency in an Asian language other than their native language may petition the Asian Studies Program Director of Undergraduate Studies to replace the required language study with upper-level electives, with the general principle that each year of language study will be replaced by two 3-hour courses in the upper-level elective category. At most two semesters of language study can be replaced by content courses.
  3. Advanced Courses: 3 courses (9 credit hours)
    • Three approved Asian Studies courses at the 300/400-level. Two must be outside the student’s major department (for example, History majors must take two upper-level Asia-related electives offered outside the History Department to complete the Asian Studies minor). One course may be shared with another major or minor, which may be a 300/400-level language course unless it is used for a language minor.
  4. A minimum grade of 1.67 (C-) must be achieved in each course in the minor, with an overall minor GPA of 2.0 to graduate with the minor.

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Asian Studies Minor Stories

Student Ana Ruiz sitting on a bench.

Name: Ana Ruiz
Major: Linguistics
Minor: Asian Studies

Ana Ruiz graduated from UB in 2018 with a minor Asian Studies, focusing on Korean Studies. Courtney Locke (AS ’18) interviewed Ana and wrote the following profile.

Interview by C. Locke ’18.

What drew you to the minor in AS?
I was interested in history and wanted to learn more about the history of Asia.

Would you describe the minor as a flexible course of study?
Definitely. The Asian Studies Program can cross list courses and they have lots of funding opportunities for study abroad.

How do you think the minor has impacted your undergraduate career?
I’ve learned many new things from taking Asian Studies courses that I wouldn’t have from a regular history course. There’s a certain perspective that these courses take.

What skills have you gained that you fill will aid you in your future endeavors?
Minoring in Asian Studies has allowed me to take Korean, which I feel will be a great advantage in my career path.

Is there an Asian Studies course you would take again?
The Asian American course was the most interesting because it discussed modern Asian American history specifically touching on issues of race and relations.

Would you recommend the Asian Studies Minor?
Yes, it’s a fun an engaging program with courses that are flexible with other majors. The AS Minor isn’t too hard to add to a major, it doesn’t add stress and it’s smooth sailing to the degree.