How to Support Biological Sciences

We frequently receive inquiries from our alumni and friends who want to know if they can make contributions to support the department’s activities and students. The answer is yes! Contributions may be made to several already established funds. Continue reading below to learn more about these giving opportunities.

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UBF Funds

Om P. and Nirmal Bahl Professorship in Biological Sciences

Dr. Om Prakash Bahl.

Honoring Excellence

With the death of Dr. Om Prakash Bahl, Distinguished Professor of the State University of New York, in December 2004, the Department of Biological Sciences at the University at Buffalo and the social and scientific community lost one of its outstanding leaders.

Dr. Bahl joined UB in 1966 as assistant professor, rising to full professor in 1971 and serving as chair of the Department of Biological Sciences from 1976-83. Professor Bahl’s scientific research helped establish the molecular structure of human chorionic gonadotrophin (HCG) — better known as the pregnancy hormone — in the early 1970s, and led directly to the development of the home pregnancy test. His accomplishments and commitment to fostering excellence in science greatly enhanced the reputation of the Department of Biological Sciences and the University at Buffalo world-wide. With equal distinction he served on a variety of editorial boards for scientific journals and worked as an advisor to the Population Council, the World Health Organization and the Population Research Committee of the National Institutes of Health. His achievements and dedication to science led to the conferral of the Padma Bhushan, the highest civilian award from the Indian government, presented to him by Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. Forever by his side and providing loving support, Mrs. Nirmal Bahl supported her husband’s endeavors, raised their three children, and served as a constant source of strength and support for her family and community.

In order to honor and perpetuate the legacy of Dr. Om P. and Mrs. Nirmal Bahl, the Bahl family has created and partially endowed fund within the University at Buffalo to be used for the purpose of funding an endowed professorship in the Department of Biological Sciences at the University at Buffalo (UB). This extraordinary gift by the Bahl family demonstrates their dedication to honoring the memories and accomplishments of their parents and their understanding of the need to bring world class professors to UB to continue the excellence established by Professor Bahl. When fully funded, the goal of this endowment is to attract and fund a leading scholar to the University who will carry on the tradition of excellence in research, teaching and community service exemplified by Dr. Om P. and Mrs. Nirmal Bahl.

Give to  The Om P. and Nirmal Bahl Professorship in Biological Sciences

Darrell Doyle Memorial Lecture and Travel Awards Fund

Darrell Doyle.

Honoring Inspiration

In August of 2006 the University at Buffalo lost one of its finest professors, Dr. Darrell Doyle, to his battle with cancer.  Serving as professor and Chair of the Biological Sciences department from 1983 -1992, he was an invaluable colleague, leader, researcher, teacher, and mentor. Dr. Doyle’s combination of scientific intellect, innovation, optimism and friendliness made him a favorite of his students and his colleagues, who described him as being the type of person who inspired greatness within those he mentored and led.

During Dr. Doyle’s tenure as chair, the Department of Biological Sciences entered a new phase and trajectory in its history, enjoying a significant increase in research funding and a phase of considerable faculty hiring.  As the department successfully transitioned into the age of molecular and informational biology, Dr. Doyle is remembered as an outstanding leader and an enthusiastic supporter, motivator and mentor of those graduate students, faculty, and postdoctoral fellows who worked with him.

To honor the memory of a man who influenced the lives and scientific careers of many, the faculty of the Department of Biological Sciences has created an opportunity to pay tribute to Dr. Doyle and his contributions to science and teaching.

The Darrell Doyle Lectureship & Travel Award
Awarded to the best student platform presentation and to the best student poster at the Annual Departmental Research Symposium, the Darrell Doyle Travel Award will provide our best students with the opportunity to present their work to a national and international audience.

In order to realize the vision of the Darrell Doyle Travel Award Fund, we seek philanthropic gifts from private donors. This important fund will, provide the financial resources needed to enhance the educational experience of our students in the department, while honoring the legacy of a man whose life touched so many. By supporting the fund you will not only make a lasting gift to the University, but you will assure the everlasting recognition of the exceptional contributions of Dr. Darrell Doyle.

Give to the Darrell Doyle Lectureship & Travel Award Fund

Phillip G. Miles Undergraduate Research Fund

Phillip G. Miles.

Honoring Passion and Commitment

Dr. Phillip G. Miles was known as a consummate teacher-scholar. A mycologist by training, Dr. Miles worked and taught at UB for over 50 years. He served his country in the Army Air Force during World War II, and then went on to earn his Bachelors degree from Yale University and his Ph.D. from Indiana State University.  Dr. Miles was awarded a Fulbright Research Scholarship in the early 1960’s and taught at Okayama University in Japan. Over the course of his prodigious career he mentored countless students, authored 45 scientific papers and five books.

During his tenure at UB, he served terms as both Chair and co-Chair of the Department of Biological Sciences. He was awarded the Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching in 1998, and the Milton Plesur Award for Excellence in Teaching in 2004.  Although he officially retired in 2002, Dr. Miles continued mentoring students and participating in University committees until he passed away in 2007.

Dr. Miles’ gentle manner and guiding hand influenced countless Biological Sciences students to pursue careers in research, medicine and countless other fields. In honor of Dr. Miles’ commitment to his students and his passion for research, the friends and family of Dr. Miles has established the endowed The Phillip G. Miles Undergraduate Research Fund.

Give to The Phillip G. Miles Undergraduate Research Fund