Selected Publications

The Department of Biological Sciences has a strong history of research going back to our founding. Faculty, postdocs, graduate students, and undergraduate students all contribute to our research mission. We work with scientific colleagues across the University and around the world. Our productivity speaks volumes about our commitment to research. Please refer to the profile pages for an updated listing of publications by each faculty member.

Faculty Publications (selected) listed by year, since 2015

2023 Publications (selected)


2022 Publications (selected)

  • Low YW, Rajaraman S, Tomlin CM, Ahmad JA, Ardi WH, Armstrong K, Athen P, Berhaman A, Bone RE, Cheek M, Cho NRW, Choo LM, Cowie ID, Crayn D, Fleck SJ, Ford AJ, Forster PI, Girmansyah D, Goyder DJ, Gray B, Heatubun CD, Ibrahim A, Ibrahim B, Jayasinghe HD, Kalat MA, Kathriarachchi HS, Kintamani E, Koh SL, Lai JTK, Lee SML, Leong PKF, Lim WH, Lum SKY, Mahyuni R, McDonald WJF, Metali F, Mustaqim WA, Naiki A, Ngo KM, Niissalo M, Ranasinghe S, Repin R, Rustiami H, Simbiak VI, Sukri RS, Sunarti S, Trethowan LA, Trias-Blasi A, Vasconcelos TNC, Wanma JF, Widodo P, Wijesundara DSA, Worboys S, Yap JW, Yong KT, Khew GSW, Salojärvi J, Michael TP, Middleton DJ, Burslem DFRP, Lindqvist C, Lucas EJ, Albert VA. Genomic insights into rapid speciation within the world’s largest tree genus Syzygium. Nature Communications. 2022 Sep 12, 13(1):5031. 
  • The histone demethylase Kdm6b regulates subtype diversification of mouse spinal motor neurons during development by Wenxian Wang, Hyeyoung Cho, Jae Lee, and Soo-Kyung Lee, Nature Communications, in press, 2022.


2021 Publications (selected)

Maria, H., Kapoor, S., Liu, T., and Rusche, L.N. (2021) Conservation of a DNA replication motif among phylogenetically distant budding yeast species. Genome Biol Evol. 13(7):evab137

Zhao, G. and Rusche, L.N. (2021) Genetic analysis of sirtuin deacetylases in hyphal growth of Candida albicans. mSphere. 6(3):e00053-21.

Rusche, L.N. (2021) Stable positions of epigenetically inherited centromeres in the emerging fungal pathogen Candida auris and Its relatives. mBio. Jul 6:e0103621.

Pradhani et al. (2021). Protein acylation by saturated very long chain fatty acids and endocytosis are involved in necroptosis. Cell Chemical Biology. (In Press)


2020 Publications (selected)

Maria, H., Kapoor, S., Liu, T., and Rusche, L.N. (2021) Conservation of a DNA replication motif among phylogenetically distant budding yeast species. Genome Biol Evol. 13(7):evab137

Zhao, G. and Rusche, L.N. (2021) Genetic analysis of sirtuin deacetylases in hyphal growth of Candida albicans. mSphere. 6(3):e00053-21.

Rusche, L.N. (2021) Stable positions of epigenetically inherited centromeres in the emerging fungal pathogen Candida auris and Its relatives. mBio. Jul 6:e0103621.

Pradhani et al. (2021). Protein acylation by saturated very long chain fatty acids and endocytosis are involved in necroptosis. Cell Chemical Biology. (In Press)

Xu, D., Gokcumen, O*., Khurana, E. (2020). Loss-of-function tolerance of enhancers in the human genome. PLoS Genetics. 6:e1008663.

Eaaswarkhanth, E., dos Santos, A.L.*, Gokcumen, O.*, Al-Mulla, F., Thanaraj, T.A. (2020). Genome-Wide Selection Scan in an Arabian Peninsula Population Identifies a TNKS Haplotype Linked to Metabolic Traits and Hypertension. Genome Biology and Evolution, 12:  77–87 [Highlighted in Human Genetics].

Gokcumen, O. (2020) Archaic hominin introgression into modern human genomes. Yearbook of Physical Anthropology. 171: 60.

Saitou, M.* & Gokcumen, O. (2020). An Evolutionary Perspective on the Impact of Genomic Copy Number Variation on Human Health. Journal of Molecular Evolution. 88: 104.

Thamadilok, S., Choi, K.-S., Ruhl, L., Schulte, F., Kazim, A. L., Hardt, M., Gokcumen, O*., Ruhl, S. (2020).Human and Non-Human Primate Lineage-Specific Footprints in the Salivary Proteome. Molecular Biology and Evolution. 37:39-405.

O Gokcumen, M Frachetti. The Impact of Ancient Genome Studies in Archaeology.  Annual Review of Anthropology. (2020) 49:277–98

Ahart ZC, Martin LE, Kemp BR, Dutta Banik D, Roberts SGE, Torregrossa AM, Medler KF (2020) Differential Effects of Diet and Weight on Taste Responses in Diet-Induced Obese Mice. Obesity (Silver Spring) 28:284-292.

Albert VA, Renner T (2020) Aquatic angiosperm ambiguities answered. Nat Plants 6:181-183.

Banerjee R, White JA, 2nd, Gunawardena S (2020) In Vivo Visualization of Moving Synaptic Cargo Complexes within Drosophila Larval Segmental Axons. Methods Mol Biol 2143:293-300.

Basu S, Gonzalez B, Li B, Kimble G, Kozminski KG, Cullen PJ (2020) Functions for Cdc42p BEM adaptors in regulating a differentiation-type MAP kinase pathway. Mol Biol Cell 31:491-510.

Dutta Banik D, Benfey ED, Martin LE, Kay KE, Loney GC, Nelson AR, Ahart ZC, Kemp BT, Kemp BR, Torregrossa AM, Medler KF (2020) A subset of broadly responsive Type III taste cells contribute to the detection of bitter, sweet and umami stimuli. PLoS Genet 16:e1008925.

Eaaswarkhanth M, Dos Santos ALC, Gokcumen O, Al-Mulla F, Thanaraj TA (2020) Genome-Wide Selection Scan in an Arabian Peninsula Population Identifies a TNKS Haplotype Linked to Metabolic Traits and Hypertension. Genome Biol Evol 12:77-87.

Fry E, Kim SK, Chigurapti S, Mika KM, Ratan A, Dammermann A, Mitchell BJ, Miller W, Lynch VJ (2020) Functional Architecture of Deleterious Genetic Variants in the Genome of a Wrangel Island Mammoth. Genome Biol Evol 12:48-58.

Gokcumen O (2020) Archaic hominin introgression into modern human genomes. Am J Phys Anthropol 171 Suppl 70:60-73.

Holmquist ML, Ihms EC, Gollnick P, Wysocki VH, Foster MP (2020) Population Distributions from Native Mass Spectrometry Titrations Reveal Nearest-Neighbor Cooperativity in the Ring-Shaped Oligomeric Protein TRAP. Biochemistry 59:2518-2527.

Humphrey KM, Zhu L, Hickman MA, Hasan S, Maria H, Liu T, Rusche LN (2020) Evolution of Distinct Responses to Low NAD(+) Stress by Rewiring the Sir2 Deacetylase Network in Yeasts. Genetics 214:855-868.

Kotov, A. A.,  Garibian, P. G.,  Bekker, E. I.,  Taylor, D. J., and Karabanov, D. P.  2020. A new species group from the Daphnia curvirostris species complex (Cladocera: Anomopoda) from the eastern Palaearctic: taxonomy, phylogeny and phylogeography. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society, zlaa046.

Krabbenhoft TJ, Myers BJE, Wong JP, Chu C, Tingley RW, 3rd, Falke JA, Kwak TJ, Paukert CP, Lynch AJ (2020) FiCli, the Fish and Climate Change Database, informs climate adaptation and management for freshwater fishes. Sci Data 7:124.

Kumar R, Maulik M, Pathirana RU, Cullen PJ, Edgerton M (2020) Sho1p Connects Glycolysis to Ras1-cAMP Signaling and Is Required for Microcolony Formation in Candida albicans. mSphere 5.

Marinic M, Lynch VJ (2020) Relaxed constraint and functional divergence of the progesterone receptor (PGR) in the human stem-lineage. PLoS Genet 16:e1008666.

Marinic M, Rana S, Lynch VJ (2020) Derivation of endometrial gland organoids from term placenta. Placenta 101:75-79.

Mehle EA, Sojka SE, K CM, Zel RM, Reese SJ, Ferkey DM (2020) The C. elegans TRPV channel proteins OSM-9 and OCR-2 contribute to aversive chemical sensitivity. MicroPubl Biol 2020.

Oropeza-Aburto A, Cervantes-Perez SA, Albert VA, Herrera-Estrella L (2020) Agrobacterium tumefaciens mediated transformation of the aquatic carnivorous plant Utricularia gibba. Plant Methods 16:50.

Prabhakar A, Chow J, Siegel AJ, Cullen PJ (2020) Regulation of intrinsic polarity establishment by a differentiation-type MAPK pathway in S. cerevisiae. J Cell Sci 133.

Ravi BG, Guardian MGE, Dickman R, Wang ZQ (2020a) High-resolution tandem mass spectrometry dataset reveals fragmentation patterns of cardiac glycosides in leaves of the foxglove plants. Data Brief 30:105464.

Ravi BG, Guardian MGE, Dickman R, Wang ZQ (2020b) Profiling and structural analysis of cardenolides in two species of Digitalis using liquid chromatography coupled with high-resolution mass spectrometry. J Chromatogr A 1618:460903.

Rusche LN (2020) Mobile DNAs and switching mating types in yeast. Elife 9.

Saitou M, Gokcumen O (2020) An Evolutionary Perspective on the Impact of Genomic Copy Number Variation on Human Health. J Mol Evol 88:104-119.

Sinha S, Jones BM, Traniello IM, Bukhari SA, Halfon MS, Hofmann HA, Huang S, Katz PS, Keagy J, Lynch VJ, Sokolowski MB, Stubbs LJ, Tabe-Bordbar S, Wolfner MF, Robinson GE (2020) Behavior-related gene regulatory networks: A new level of organization in the brain. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A.

Taskent O, Lin YL, Patramanis I, Pavlidis P, Gokcumen O (2020) Analysis of Haplotypic Variation and Deletion Polymorphisms Point to Multiple Archaic Introgression Events, Including from Altai Neanderthal Lineage. Genetics 215:497-509.

Taylor DJ, Connelly SJ, Kotov AA (2020) The Intercontinental phylogeography of neustonic daphniids. Sci Rep 10:1818.

Thamadilok S, Choi KS, Ruhl L, Schulte F, Kazim AL, Hardt M, Gokcumen O, Ruhl S (2020) Human and Nonhuman Primate Lineage-Specific Footprints in the Salivary Proteome. Mol Biol Evol 37:395-405.

Vandermeulen MD, Cullen PJ (2020) New Aspects of Invasive Growth Regulation Identified by Functional Profiling of MAPK Pathway Targets in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Genetics 216:95-116.

Wang W, Cho H, Kim D, Park Y, Moon JH, Lim SJ, Yoon SM, McCane M, Aicher SA, Kim S, Emery B, Lee JW, Lee S, Park Y, Lee SK (2020) PRC2 Acts as a Critical Timer That Drives Oligodendrocyte Fate over Astrocyte Identity by Repressing the Notch Pathway. Cell Rep 32:108147.

White JA, 2nd, Krzystek TJ, Hoffmar-Glennon H, Thant C, Zimmerman K, Iacobucci G, Vail J, Thurston L, Rahman S, Gunawardena S (2020) Excess Rab4 rescues synaptic and behavioral dysfunction caused by defective HTT-Rab4 axonal transport in Huntington's disease. Acta Neuropathol Commun 8:97.

Xu D, Gokcumen O, Khurana E (2020a) Loss-of-function tolerance of enhancers in the human genome. PLoS Genet 16:e1008663.

Xu Z et al. (2020b) Tandem gene duplications drive divergent evolution of caffeine and crocin biosynthetic pathways in plants. BMC Biol 18:63.

Zhuang X, Wong NF, Sun W, Xu-Friedman MA (2020) Mechanisms and Functional Consequences of Presynaptic Homeostatic Plasticity at Auditory Nerve Synapses. J Neurosci 40:6896-6909.

2019 Publications (selected)

Anderson EN, Hirpa D, Zheng KH, Banerjee R, Gunawardena S (2019) The Non-amyloidal Component Region of alpha-Synuclein Is Important for alpha-Synuclein Transport Within Axons. Front Cell Neurosci 13:540.

Lindgren, J., Nilsson,D.E., Sjövall, P., Jarenmark, M., Ito, S., Wakamatsu, K., Kear, B.P., Schultz, B.P., Sylvestersen,R.L., Madsen, H., LaFountain, J.R. Jr., Alwmark,C., Eriksson, M.E., Hall, S.A., Lindgren, P., Rodríguez-Meizoso, I. and Ahlberg, P. 2019. Fossil insect eyes shed light on trilobite optics and the arthropod pigment screen. Nature. 573 (7772), 122-125. doi: 10.1038/s41586-019-1473-

Acevedo A, Berthel A, DuBois D, Almon RR, Jusko WJ, Androulakis IP (2019) Pathway-Based Analysis of the Liver Response to Intravenous Methylprednisolone Administration in Rats: Acute Versus Chronic Dosing. Gene Regul Syst Bio 13:1177625019840282.

Aijaz I, Koudelka GB (2019) Cheating, facilitation and cooperation regulate the effectiveness of phage-encoded exotoxins as antipredator molecules. Microbiologyopen 8:e00636.

Ao J, Bandyopadhyay S, Free SJ (2019) Characterization of the Neurospora crassa DHN melanin biosynthetic pathway in developing ascospores and peridium cells. Fungal Biol 123:1-9.

Ayyar VS, DuBois DC, Almon RR, Jusko WJ (2019) Modeling Corticosteroid Pharmacokinetics & Pharmacodynamics - III: Estrous Cycle- and Estrogen Receptor-Dependent Antagonism of GILZ Enhancement by Corticosteroids. J Pharmacol Exp Ther.

Ayyar VS, DuBois DC, Nakamura T, Almon RR, Jusko WJ (2019) Modeling Corticosteroid Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics - II: Sex Differences in Methylprednisolone Pharmacokinetics and Corticosterone Suppression. J Pharmacol Exp Ther.

Ayyar VS, Song D, DuBois DC, Almon RR, Jusko WJ (2019) Modeling Corticosteroid Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics - I: Determination and Prediction of Dexamethasone and Methylprednisolone Tissue Binding in the Rat. J Pharmacol Exp Ther.

Ballinger, M. J. and Taylor, D. J. 2019. Evolutionary persistence of insect bunyavirus infection despite host acquisition and expression of the viral nucleoprotein gene. Virus Evolution 5(2): vez017.

Berger P, Kouzel IU, Berger M, Haarmann N, Dobrindt U, Koudelka GB, Mellmann A (2019) Carriage of Shiga toxin phage profoundly affects Escherichia coli gene expression and carbon source utilization. BMC Genomics 20:504.

Chow J, Dionne HM, Prabhakar A, Mehrotra A, Somboonthum J, Gonzalez B, Edgerton M, Cullen PJ (2019) Aggregate Filamentous Growth Responses in Yeast. mSphere 4.

Chow J, Starr I, Jamalzadeh S, Muniz O, Kumar A, Gokcumen O, Ferkey DM, Cullen PJ (2019) Filamentation Regulatory Pathways Control Adhesion-Dependent Surface Responses in Yeast. Genetics.

Davis RB, Likhite N, Jackson CA, Liu T, Yu MC (2019) Robust repression of tRNA gene transcription during stress requires protein arginine methylation. Life Sci Alliance 2.

Fischer AU, Muller NIC, Deller T, Del Turco D, Fisch JO, Griesemer D, Kattler K, Maraslioglu A, Roemer V, Xu-Friedman MA, Walter J, Friauf E (2019) GABA is a modulator, rather than a classical transmitter, in the medial nucleus of the trapezoid body-lateral superior olive sound localization circuit. J Physiol 597:2269-2295.

Fritz AJ, Sehgal N, Pliss A, Xu J, Berezney R (2019) Chromosome territories and the global regulation of the genome. Genes Chromosomes Cancer 58:407-426.

Gao Y, Dutta Banik D, Muna MM, Roberts SG, Medler KF (2019) The WT1-BASP1 complex is required to maintain the differentiated state of taste receptor cells. Life Sci Alliance 2.

Hansen T, Thant C, White JA, 2nd, Banerjee R, Thuamsang B, Gunawardena S (2019) Excess active P13K rescues huntingtin-mediated neuronal cell death but has no effect on axonal transport defects. Apoptosis 24:341-358.

Kar B, Patel P, Ao J, Free SJ (2019) Neurospora crassa family GH72 glucanosyltransferases function to crosslink cell wall glycoprotein N-linked galactomannan to cell wall lichenin. Fungal Genet Biol 123:60-69.

Kar B, Patel P, Free SJ (2019) Trichophyton rubrum LysM proteins bind to fungal cell wall chitin and to the N-linked oligosaccharides present on human skin glycoproteins. PLoS One 14:e0215034.

Kotov AA, Taylor DJ (2019) Contrasting endemism in pond-dwelling cyclic parthenogens: the Daphnia curvirostris species group (Crustacea: Cladocera). Sci Rep 9:6812.

Lauer AM, Dent ML, Sun W, Xu-Friedman MA (2019) Effects of Non-traumatic Noise and Conductive Hearing Loss on Auditory System Function. Neuroscience 407:182-191.

Lin YL, Gokcumen O (2019) Fine-Scale Characterization of Genomic Structural Variation in the Human Genome Reveals Adaptive and Biomedically Relevant Hotspots. Genome Biol Evol 11:1136-1151.

Liu X, Schuessler PJ, Sahoo A, Walker SE (2019) Reconstitution and analyses of RNA interactions with eukaryotic translation initiation factors and ribosomal preinitiation complexes. Methods 162-163:42-53.

Nair SK, Basu S, Sen B, Lin MH, Kumar AN, Yuan Y, Cullen PJ, Sarkar D (2019) Colloidal Gels with Tunable Mechanomorphology Regulate Endothelial Morphogenesis. Sci Rep 9:1072.

Pajic P, Pavlidis P, Dean K, Neznanova L, Romano RA, Garneau D, Daugherity E, Globig A, Ruhl S, Gokcumen O (2019) Independent amylase gene copy number bursts correlate with dietary preferences in mammals. Elife 8.

Quillen EE, Norton HL, Parra EJ, Lona-Durazo F, Ang KC, Illiescu FM, Pearson LN, Shriver MD, Lasisi T, Gokcumen O, Starr I, Lin YL, Martin AR, Jablonski NG (2019) Shades of complexity: New perspectives on the evolution and genetic architecture of human skin. Am J Phys Anthropol 168 Suppl 67:4-26.

Saitou M, Gokcumen O (2019) Resolving the Insertion Sites of Polymorphic Duplications Reveals a HERC2 Haplotype under Selection. Genome Biol Evol 11:1679-1690.

Salojarvi J et al. (2019) Author Correction: Genome sequencing and population genomic analyses provide insights into the adaptive landscape of silver birch. Nat Genet 51:1187-1189.

Srivastava A, Kumar Sarsani V, Fiddes I, Sheehan SM, Seger RL, Barter ME, Neptune-Bear S, Lindqvist C, Korstanje R (2019) Genome assembly and gene expression in the American black bear provides new insights into the renal response to hibernation. DNA Res 26:37-44.

Zuykova, E. I. , Bochkarev, N. A., Taylor, D. J. and Kotov, A. A. 2019. Unexpected endemism in the Daphnia longispina complex (Crustacea: Cladocera) in Southern Siberia. PLoS ONE 14(9): e0221527. 


2018 Publications (selected)

Ayyar VS, Sukumaran S, DuBois DC, Almon RR, Jusko WJ (2018) Modeling Corticosteroid Pharmacogenomics and Proteomics in Rat Liver. J Pharmacol Exp Ther 367:168-183.

Ayyar VS, Sukumaran S, DuBois DC, Almon RR, Qu J, Jusko WJ (2018) Receptor/gene/protein-mediated signaling connects methylprednisolone exposure to metabolic and immune-related pharmacodynamic actions in liver. J Pharmacokinet Pharmacodyn 45:557-575.

Banerjee R, Rudloff Z, Naylor C, Yu MC, Gunawardena S (2018) The presenilin loop region is essential for glycogen synthase kinase 3 beta (GSK3beta) mediated functions on motor proteins during axonal transport. Hum Mol Genet 27:2986-3001.

Barbolina MV, Kulikova VV, Tsvetikova MA, Anufrieva NV, Revtovich SV, Phillips RS, Gollnick PD, Demidkina TV, Faleev NG (2018) Serine 51 residue of Citrobacter freundii tyrosine phenol-lyase assists in C-alpha-proton abstraction and transfer in the reaction with substrate. Biochimie 147:63-69.

Bowitch A, Michaels KL, Yu MC, Ferkey DM (2018) The Protein Arginine Methyltransferase PRMT-5 Regulates SER-2 Tyramine Receptor-Mediated Behaviors in Caenorhabditis elegans. G3 (Bethesda) 8:2389-2398.

Chakraborty D, Clark E, Mauro SA, Koudelka GB (2018) Molecular Mechanisms Governing "Hair-Trigger" Induction of Shiga Toxin-Encoding Prophages. Viruses 10.

Chow J, Notaro M, Prabhakar A, Free SJ, Cullen PJ (2018) Impact of Fungal MAPK Pathway Targets on the Cell Wall. J Fungi (Basel) 4.

Colella JP, Lan T, Schuster SC, Talbot SL, Cook JA, Lindqvist C (2018) Whole-genome analysis of Mustela erminea finds that pulsed hybridization impacts evolution at high latitudes. Commun Biol 1:51.

Dutta Banik D, Martin LE, Freichel M, Torregrossa AM, Medler KF (2018) TRPM4 and TRPM5 are both required for normal signaling in taste receptor cells. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 115:E772-E781.

Edwards MR, Liu H, Shabman RS, Ginell GM, Luthra P, Ramanan P, Keefe LJ, Kollner B, Amarasinghe GK, Taylor DJ, Leung DW, Basler CF (2018) Conservation of Structure and Immune Antagonist Functions of Filoviral VP35 Homologs Present in Microbat Genomes. Cell Rep 24:861-872 e866.

Gonzalez B, Vazquez J, Cullen PJ, Mas A, Beltran G, Torija MJ (2018) Aromatic Amino Acid-Derived Compounds Induce Morphological Changes and Modulate the Cell Growth of Wine Yeast Species. Front Microbiol 9:670.

Iacobucci GJ, Gunawardena S (2018) Ethanol stimulates the in vivo axonal movement of neuropeptide dense-core vesicles in Drosophila motor neurons. J Neurochem 144:466-482.

Jain S, Donkin J, Frey MJ, Peltier S, Gunawardena S, Cooper DL (2018) Phenotypical variability in congenital FVII deficiency follows the ISTH-SSC severity classification guidelines: a review with illustrative examples from the clinic. J Blood Med 9:211-218.

Koudelka GB, Arnold JW, Chakraborty D (2018) Evolution of STEC virulence: Insights from the antipredator activities of Shiga toxin producing E. coli. Int J Med Microbiol 308:956-961.

LaFountain JR, Jr., Cohan CS (2018) Methods to study meiosis in insect spermatocytes. Methods Cell Biol 145:249-267.

Lesnek AJ, Briner JP, Lindqvist C, Baichtal JF, Heaton TH (2018) Deglaciation of the Pacific coastal corridor directly preceded the human colonization of the Americas. Sci Adv 4:eaar5040.

Mavroudis PD, DuBois DC, Almon RR, Jusko WJ (2018) Modeling circadian variability of core-clock and clock-controlled genes in four tissues of the rat. PLoS One 13:e0197534.

Mavroudis PD, DuBois DC, Almon RR, Jusko WJ (2018) Daily variation of gene expression in diverse rat tissues. PLoS One 13:e0197258.

Norman KL, Shively CA, De La Rocha AJ, Mutlu N, Basu S, Cullen PJ, Kumar A (2018) Inositol polyphosphates regulate and predict yeast pseudohyphal growth phenotypes. PLoS Genet 14:e1007493.

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Saitou M, Satta Y, Gokcumen O (2018) Complex Haplotypes of GSTM1 Gene Deletions Harbor Signatures of a Selective Sweep in East Asian Populations. G3 (Bethesda) 8:2953-2966.

Saitou M, Satta Y, Gokcumen O, Ishida T (2018) Complex evolution of the GSTM gene family involves sharing of GSTM1 deletion polymorphism in humans and chimpanzees. BMC Genomics 19:293.

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Song D, DuBois DC, Almon RR, Jusko WJ (2018) Modeling Sex Differences in Anti-inflammatory Effects of Dexamethasone in Arthritic Rats. Pharm Res 35:203.

Warner BE, Ballinger MJ, Yerramsetty P, Reed J, Taylor DJ, Smith TJ, Bruenn JA (2018) Cellular production of a counterfeit viral protein confers immunity to infection by a related virus. PeerJ 6:e5679.

Zuykova, E. I. , Simonov, E. P., Bochkarev, N. A., Taylor, D. J. and Kotov, A. A. 2018. Resolution of the Daphnia umbra problem (Crustacea: Cladocera) using an integrated taxonomic approach. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society. ZLY15

2017 Publications (selected)

Ao J, Free SJ (2017) Genetic and biochemical characterization of the GH72 family of cell wall transglycosylases in Neurospora crassa. Fungal Genet Biol 101:46-54.

Ayyar VS, Almon RR, DuBois DC, Sukumaran S, Qu J, Jusko WJ (2017) Functional proteomic analysis of corticosteroid pharmacodynamics in rat liver: Relationship to hepatic stress, signaling, energy regulation, and drug metabolism. J Proteomics 160:84-105.

Ayyar VS, DuBois DC, Almon RR, Jusko WJ (2017) Mechanistic Multi-Tissue Modeling of Glucocorticoid-Induced Leucine Zipper Regulation: Integrating Circadian Gene Expression with Receptor-Mediated Corticosteroid Pharmacodynamics. J Pharmacol Exp Ther 363:45-57.

Ballinger MJ, Medeiros AS, Qin J, Taylor DJ (2017) Unexpected differences in the population genetics of phasmavirids (Bunyavirales) from subarctic ponds. Virus Evol 3:vex015.

Bekpen C, Kunzel S, Xie C, Eaaswarkhanth M, Lin YL, Gokcumen O, Akdis CA, Tautz D (2017) Segmental duplications and evolutionary acquisition of UV damage response in the SPATA31 gene family of primates and humans. BMC Genomics 18:222.

Chen X, DuBois DC, Almon RR, Jusko WJ (2017) Interrelationships between Infliximab and Recombinant Tumor Necrosis Factor-alpha in Plasma Using Minimal Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetic Models. Drug Metab Dispos 45:790-797.

Chen X, DuBois DC, Almon RR, Jusko WJ (2017) Characterization and Interspecies Scaling of rhTNF-alpha Pharmacokinetics with Minimal Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetic Models. Drug Metab Dispos 45:798-806.

Fukushima K et al. (2017) Genome of the pitcher plant Cephalotus reveals genetic changes associated with carnivory. Nat Ecol Evol 1:59.

Gokcumen O (2017) Evolution, Function, and Deconstructing Histories: A New Generation of Anthropological Genetics. Hum Biol 89:5-6.

Haase EM, Kou Y, Sabharwal A, Liao YC, Lan T, Lindqvist C, Scannapieco FA (2017) Comparative genomics and evolution of the amylase-binding proteins of oral streptococci. BMC Microbiol 17:94.

Hamon P, Grover CE, Davis AP, Rakotomalala JJ, Raharimalala NE, Albert VA, Sreenath HL, Stoffelen P, Mitchell SE, Couturon E, Hamon S, de Kochko A, Crouzillat D, Rigoreau M, Sumirat U, Akaffou S, Guyot R (2017) Genotyping-by-sequencing provides the first well-resolved phylogeny for coffee (Coffea) and insights into the evolution of caffeine content in its species: GBS coffee phylogeny and the evolution of caffeine content. Mol Phylogenet Evol 109:351-361.

Hanner AS, Rusche LN (2017) The Yeast Heterochromatin Protein Sir3 Experienced Functional Changes in the AAA+ Domain After Gene Duplication and Subfunctionalization. Genetics 207:517-528.

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Kamisoglu K, Acevedo A, Almon RR, Coyle S, Corbett S, Dubois DC, Nguyen TT, Jusko WJ, Androulakis IP (2017) Understanding Physiology in the Continuum: Integration of Information from Multiple -Omics Levels. Front Pharmacol 8:91.

Kontturi J, Osama R, Deng X, Bashandy H, Albert VA, Teeri TH (2017) Functional characterization and expression of GASCL1 and GASCL2, two anther-specific chalcone synthase like enzymes from Gerbera hybrida. Phytochemistry 134:38-45.

Kumar R, Breindel C, Saraswat D, Cullen PJ, Edgerton M (2017) Candida albicans Sap6 amyloid regions function in cellular aggregation and zinc binding, and contribute to zinc acquisition. Sci Rep 7:2908.

Lan T, Gill S, Bellemain E, Bischof R, Nawaz MA, Lindqvist C (2017) Evolutionary history of enigmatic bears in the Tibetan Plateau-Himalaya region and the identity of the yeti. Proc Biol Sci 284.

Lan T, Renner T, Ibarra-Laclette E, Farr KM, Chang TH, Cervantes-Perez SA, Zheng C, Sankoff D, Tang H, Purbojati RW, Putra A, Drautz-Moses DI, Schuster SC, Herrera-Estrella L, Albert VA (2017) Long-read sequencing uncovers the adaptive topography of a carnivorous plant genome. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 114:E4435-E4441.

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