Award Winners

UB North Campus.

The UB Department of Biological Sciences is pleased to present a listing of award winners among our faculty, students, and staff. 

Selected Awardees — 2017 to present

Awardees — 1977 to 2016

SUNY Chancellors Award for Excellence in Teaching. The Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching is the highest award for teaching in the SUNY system. It recognizes consistently superior teaching at the graduate, undergraduate, or professional level in keeping with the State University’s commitment to providing its students with instruction of the highest quality.

  • Dr. Katharina Dittmar (2016)
  • Dr. Charles Fourtner (2005)
  • Dr. Todd Hennessey (2000)
  • Dr. Gerald Koudelka (1996)
  • Dr. Richard Almon (1995)
  • Dr. Stephen Free (1995)
  • Dr. Christopher Loretz (1991)
  • Dr. Clyde Herreid (1981)
  • Dr. James R. LaFountain (1977)

SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor. The Distinguished Teaching Professorship is conferred upon instructional faculty for outstanding teaching competence at the graduate, undergraduate, or professional levels. It is awarded in recognition of teaching mastery demonstrated over multiple years

  •  Clyde Herreid (1988)

The President Emeritus and Mrs. Meyerson Award for Distinguished Undergraduate Teaching and Mentoring. This award recognizes the outstanding faculty mentorship that currently exists at UB and seeks to encourage further faculty commitment to and participation in the undergraduate research and creative experience.

  • Dr. Stephen Free (2014)

Milton Plesur Excellence in Teaching Award. This student generated award is bestowed on faculty who inspire, excite, and have a positive and memorable effect on the students they teach. The Plesur Award recognizes the teachers who bring an added spark of enthusiasm into the classroom, fueling an atmosphere of creativity and participation.

  • Dr. Jessica Poulin (2013)
  • Dr. Clyde Herreid (2010)
  • Dr. Paul Cullen (2008)