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PhD Funding

Join a community of scholars and researchers working together to solve pressing global problems. 

We are committed to recruiting the very best PhD students and preparing doctoral students for career success. UB features:

  • World-class faculty experts mentor PhD students in a dynamic research and learning environment. Students can focus on their research and scholarship alongside renowned faculty while preparing for the careers and professions that await them after graduation.
  • A city on the rise. Buffalo, N.Y. offers affordable housing, arts, culture and community. Learn more about Buffalo.


PhD Funding Opportunities

  • Academic year stipends of $20,000 for all full-time, funded PhD students on 10-month academic teaching assistant, research assistant or graduate assistant appointments.
  • Current stipends of $28,000 for all full-time, funded PhD students. Funding can come by work as a teaching assistant, work as a research assistant, and by graduate assistant appointments.
  • UB’s stipend levels are among the top five as rated by the Association of American Universities (AAU).
  • Additional Fellowship Opportunities: PhD applicants wishing to be considered for UB Presidential and Schomburg Fellowships (and other graduate fellowships) are advised to submit their online application (including recommendation letters) by January 1. Read more about Graduate Admissions.
  • Arthur A. Schomburg Fellowship Program: Offers support for students in doctoral programs across the university who can demonstrate that they would contribute to the diversity of the student body, especially those who can demonstrate that they have overcome a disadvantage or other impediment to success in higher education. 
  • UB Presidential Fellowships: To be eligible for UB Presidential Fellowships, candidates must meet the criteria listed on the Presidential Fellowship page. Both domestic and international students are eligible, if they meet these criteria. For any questions regarding funding for a specific academic year, contact the director of graduate studies or department chair.

Other Funding Opportunities for Current Graduate Students

We support our PhD students as long as they make satisfactory progress towards their degree. Advanced PhD students are often funded as research assistants through their advisor’s research grant. Others serve as teaching assistants. Additional support for research and travel is available to our students through Department and University Sources.

  • Mark Diamond Research Fund
    This fund provides grants to graduate students for research expenses related to their thesis or dissertation.
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant Positions
    All incoming PhD students are awarded TA positions.  These positions are renewed as long as students make satisfactory progress toward the degree.  Incoming MS students are invited to apply for TA positions the summer before enrolling.
  • Tuition Scholarship
    All incoming PhD students are awarded a tuition scholarship that covers tuition but not fees.
  • University Fellowships
    The Biological Sciences admissions committee nominates outstanding PhD applicants for the University Presidential and Dean’s Fellowships. Outstanding PhD applicants are nominated for the Schomburg Fellowship. Applications must be received by January 20 to be considered for these fellowships.
  • Graduate Opportunity Program
    The Graduate Opportunity Program (GOP) provides tuition scholarships to graduates of one of the following programs in New York State: Educational Opportunity Program (EOP), Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP), and CUNY Search for Education, Elevation and Knowledge (SEEK) programs.
  • College of Arts and Sciences
    Graduate awards and fellowshiops are made available to graduate students within the College of Arts and Sciences. Students who apply for and receive an assistantship remain eligible for these awards. Research funds are intended to support the research accomplishments of graduate students.

Contact us for further information about financial aid for graduate students. 

Listing of Awardees

Additional listings forthcoming.

2023 Darrell Doyle — Awardees

First Place: Holly O'Shea
Second Place: Qian He
Third Place (tie): Emily Mehle and Crystal Tomlin

First Place: Alber Aqil
Second Place: Chen Gong
Third Place: Hannah Waterman

2022 Darrell Doyle — Awardees

First Place: Ankita Priyadarshini
Second Place: Qian He
Third Place (tie): Pratima Bajgain and Guolei Zhao

First Place: Steve Fleck
Second Place: Falvio Coelho
Third Place: Emily Carroll

2021 Darrell Doyle — Awardees

First Place: Thomas Ossevoort
Second Place: Haniam Maria
Third Place (tie): Ying Liu and Kelsey Swinter

First Place: Nicole Wong
Second Place: Matthew Vandermueulen
Third Place (tie): Chen Gong and Beatriz Gonzalez