Strategic Plan

The strategic plan for the next three years below emanates from the current set of challenges facing the department. These include:

●      Recent retirements this year of 4 academic speech-language and the continuing loss of 1 hearing science faculty.

●     An opportunity to reorganize the academic and business operation of the clinic to bring it into the College of Arts and Sciences and become HIPAA compliant in the process.

This strategic plan is motivated by the primary department goals to maintain and improve its research academic and clinical productivity and accomplishments.


Academic Hiring Plan

Hire 2 ladder faculty during 2016-2017. We propose to search and hire 4 ladder faculty to fill the vacant positions over the next three years. We plan to search for two positions for this hiring cycle and two more across the following two years. These first two positions should be at the assistant professor level.  The next two hires during years 2 & 3 should consider senior faculty, who are able to take on senior administrative responsibilities, including the department chair. Update 2/2017. CAS approved two junior faculty hires. We are currently searching and interviewing.

Redevelop the Speech-Language and Hearing Clinic / CDS Clinical Training Program.  Since Fall 2015,  we have made exceptional changes in faculty and front office staffing and the organizational structure of the UB Speech-Language and Hearing Clinic. This includes:

    1.    Support for summer supervision provided by the college,

    2.    Increased clinical faculty lines to 6 full time speech-language faculty, and 3 full time audiology faculty

    3.    Established two clinic coordinator positions,

    4.    Hired a business practice manager, clinical coordinator and office assistant; as well as,

    5.     Moving the financial operation of the clinic from a not-for-profit corporation to the college, with university-supported HIPAA compliance. Update 2017 – We are currently working with CAS to accomplish both goals. Target date, Summer 2017.


Reorganize the credit structure for clinical training. We are in the process of reorganizing the clinic curriculum so that clinic faculty are appropriately recognized for their clinic teaching efforts. We have made proposals to the graduate school to:

    1.    Reorganize the way that clinic faculty receive credit for their supervisory efforts, and

    2.    Establish a full-time summer semester for first year Masters and AuD students.


Provide clinic faculty with additional support for research and creative activities.

    1.      One goal of the department is to foster the continuing education of current faculty members in the area of evidence-based practice decision making. Over the last 3 years, the department has been holding information and training sessions for clinical faculty and instituting policies to promote the use of evidence-based therapies. In addition, we’ve have integrated the speech-language research methods course (CDS 502  - Evaluating Clinical Change) into the clinic program by using ongoing clinic case data as the basis for teaching data-driven decision-making and single case design. 

    2.      To foster academic-clinical research collaborations, we plan to offer small grants (e.g., $1-2k) each year to foster collaborations between academic and a clinical faculty member to work together with one or more students on a translational or implementation research problem. Update 2016. This goal was postponed until Fall 2017 when we will have established a stable group of full-time academic and clinical faculty.

    3.      To help fund clinical faculty travel to research conferences, the department will consider funding conference travel if clinical faculty are presenting a paper involving research. Update 2017. This goal has been implemented.