Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Evaluation and Therapy

The overall goal of the AAC clinic is to provide access to expressive communication using all of one's communication modalities such as gesture, voice, voice output technology, no tech communication boards, etc. in order to create a customized communication system.

Our clinic provides access to both initial consultations and/or evaluations as well as semester based therapy. The program is designed for individuals with developmental language delays, complex communication needs (CCN), or for those who's speech is changing due to acquired diagnosis such a MND, ALS, MD, PPA. We also offer programs to preserve one's speech through Message Banking and/or Voice Banking.

Using a tablet to communciate.

Who We Serve

Any Individual, child-adult, who is interested in learning about, trialing, and or receiving therapy or recommendations for use of AAC systems to meet their expressive communication needs when natural verbal speech is either changing, difficult to produce and/or developing. We serve a range of clients who have medical diagnosis that range from CP, ALS, MD, MND, Apraxia, Seizure disorder, to individuals with developmental disabilities or complex communication needs (CCN).

What to Expect

No technology, low technology through high end technology speech generating devices (SGDs) or communication apps will be utilized based on individualized assessment and thorough intake of one's communication needs. Goals are determined based on one's functional communication needs. For Voice Banking information, visit Model Talker's website on Voice Banking process.

Type of Service

Individual, WNY school district contracts offered by request

When are services offered?