Dual Degree (AuD + MBA)

The School of Management and the Department of Communicative Disorders and Sciences collaboratively offer a five-year program leading to both the AuD (Doctor of Audiology) and MBA (Master of Business Administration) degrees. These two leading programs combine to give future audiologists the best in audiology and business education! Students who pursue this dual degree program will be ideally prepared for careers in private practice as well as combined clinical and administrative positions.

CDS/School of Management collaborative program

The UB CDS/School of Management collaborative program reduces by one year the usual pattern of a four-year Audiology program and a two-year MBA program. Each candidate must meet all the degree requirements of each program, except for the reduction in total credit hours over the two degree programs as described in this document. Students will complete a total of 113 credit hours, which will consist of 65 in Audiology and 48 in Management, of which 21 of the credit hours of MBA courses will be applied to the AuD degree as transfer credit.

Students wishing to pursue the collaborative program should make application to the MBA program prior to or during their first year of AuD study depending on when they plan to begin the MBA portion of the degree. Applications for the MBA program must be submitted online through the School of Management website at: www.mgt.buffalo.edu. Information and personal advisement are available at 206 Jacobs Management Center, North Campus.

Students must have an undergrad degree in Communicative Disorders and Sciences and must take the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) for admission. In Audiology, students have fairly rigorous clinical requirements during 4 years, and must pass a clinical gateway examination, preliminary examination, the ASHA exam and complete their research project.

The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) (www.gmac.com) is required for admission to the MBA Program. The complete application file must be submitted by May 31, prior to the fall semester in which the applicant intends to begin the MBA portion of the program.

Admission will be limited to students who have demonstrated superior capabilities.

Learn more about the UB School of Management by visiting their website. For additional information, please contact:

Ms. Jaimie Falzarano
Associate Director of MBA Recruitment
206 Jacobs Management Center
(716) 645-3204
Email: jtaylor3@buffalo.edu


Dr. Wei Sun
Audiology Program Advisor
Department of Communicative Disorders & Sciences
137 Cary Hall
Email: weisun@buffalo.edu

Collaborative AuD/MBA Sample Curriculum*

Year 1 follow AuD 1st year curriculum++ Each semester in Audiology program also sign up for 3 credits of practicum (CDS 591 or CDS 592)

CDS 528 Neural Bases of Communication (3)
CDS 529 Aural Rehabilitation (3)
CDS 532 Acoust & Instrumentation (3)
CDS 551 Diagnostic Audiology I (3)
CDS 525A Clinical Processes - Audiology (1)
Total Credit 13

CDS 502 Research Methods (3)
CDS 530 Grand Rounds (1)
CDS 542 Advanced Hearing Science (3)
CDS 552 Diagnostic Audiology II (3)
CDS 556 Hearing Aids I (3)
Total Credits 13

Year 2 follow the MBA 1st year curriculum.

MGA 604 Intro to Financial Accounting (3)
MGB 601 Behav & Org Concepts (3)
MGE 601 Economics for Managers (3)
MGQ 606 Probability and Statistics (3)
MBA Flex Core Course ** (3)
Total Credits 15

MGF 631 Financial Management (3)
MGM 625 Marketing Management (3)
MGS 630 Operations and Service Mgmt (3)
MBA Flex Core Course ** (3)
MBA Elective (3)
Total Credits 15

Summer 2
MBA Internship – 3 credits – arranged through the School of Management LEAP office.

CDS 526 Current Professional Issues (3)
CDS 610 Vestibular Testing (3)
CDS 611 Medical Audiology (3)
MBA Elective (3)
MBA Elective (3)
Total Credits 15

Elective (3)
Elective (3)
CDS 530 Grand Rounds (1)
CDS 557 Hearing Aids II (3)
CDS 613 Auditory Development and Pediatric Audiology (3)
Total Credits 12

CDS 600 Independent Study (3)
CDS 687 Industrial Audiology (3)
CDS 616 Auditory Evoked Potentials (3)
MBA Elective (3)
Total Credits 12

CDS 530 Grand Rounds (1)
CDS 612 Cochlear Implants (3)
Elective (3)
CDS 667 Auditory Processing Disorders (3)
MGS 641 Strategic Management (3)
Total Credits 12

After year 4, advance to candidacy in AuD program and placed in full-time clinical externship
CDS 624 Practicum: Audiology 1 (1)
Total Credits (1)

CDS 624 Practicum: Audiology 1 (1)
Total Credits 1

** Flex Core (choose two)

* MGE 602 Global Economy and the Business Firm, MGI 601 Managing Human Resources
* MGS 607 Technology Management and E-Business, MGT 617 Government, the Law and the Firm

++Students who prefer to start the MBA program in year 1 may do so, with corresponding adjustments in the schedule.

*Program schedule must be coordinated with advisors of both programs since some courses are offered on an every-other-year basis.

AuD students will be required to engage in an ongoing clinical practicum during the years in which they are not full time MBA students.

MGQ 606 Probability and Statistics for Managers fulfills the Au.D. statistics requirement.