Current Graduate Students

MFA student paints a mural in the Center for the Arts.

Choosing to pursue a graduate degree is a demonstration of your passion for knowledge, research and problem-solving. It's a pledge to your peers, professors and – most importantly – yourself, that you will continually strive for academic growth and personal integrity. It's a single step that scales mountains, pushes boundaries and opens doors. It will change your life.

At the College of Arts and Sciences, we recognize that our graduate students are among the most dedicated, hard-working and talented individuals on any university campus, and we know that game-changers and world-builders walk among us. In return for your commitment, here is ours: To the best of our ability, we will provide you with the faculty, resources and support you require to complete your degree and achieve success in your chosen field. 

Congratulations on your decision to continue with your education, and thank you for choosing to continue it here at the College of Arts and Sciences. We can't wait to see what problems you'll solve.

Notes from Dean Schulze

We give students an opportunity to find the problems that motivate them and participate in generating real-world solutions.

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Departments and Programs

The College of Arts and Sciences is the largest academic division in the University at Buffalo. For detailed information on degree policies and procedures, please visit your department or program's website. 

Graduate Awards and Fellowships

Every year, several awards are made available to graduate students within the College of Arts and Sciences. Students who apply for and receive an assistantship remain eligible for these awards. 

Graduate Student Employees Union (GSEU)

The GSEU serves to protect the rights of Teaching Assistants and Graduate Assistants employed by SUNY and paid by the State of New York.

Bullseye: The Ultimate Career Database

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