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EEB Travel Award Reimbursement

EEB Travel Award Reimbursement Guidelines

EEB Student Travel Reimbursement Guidelines
Reimbursements are made using State funds per New York State Reimbursement Guidelines.

Students attending conferences, workshops, etc. must save all receipts and submit original receipts for reimbursement. After receipts are submitted, staff will prepare a travel voucher and/or mileage statement and request the student’s signature on the forms.

Items needed for travel reimbursements:

  • Copy of the conference or workshop announcement showing the title, dates and where it is held.
  • Student person number.
  • Student home address.
  • Student email address (to ask questions if necessary).
  • Where the student stayed, if not in a hotel AND the city and county of the residence (per-diem rates are less for a stay with family/friends).

Original Receipts for:

  • Flights – printed itinerary showing when/where travel occurred along with the cost of the flight showing a zero balance due/payment by credit card.
  • Tolls (for ez-pass, toll information can be pulled off the website and submitted without receipts).
  • Parking with explanation (if not obvious).
  • Taxi (origin and destination must be included and explained).
  • Hotel bill in the name of the person being reimbursed showing dates of stay and all charges paid.
  • Miscellaneous costs (including reason for expenses).

Food Per-Diems:

Per–diem rates are based on the city in which you stayed. A hotel bill is required to receive these standard rates.

Note that per NY state reimbursement guidelines lunches are not reimbursed.

Note that if a hotel is not used and student stays with family or friends in town, check the reimbursement rate. These rates range from $35–50 for travel within NY State and is $50 for out of state travel. 

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