Undergraduate Overview

students birdwatching.

Are you looking for a major? Field Ecology course (EVS315) at Walton Woods. Courtesy Professor Geffner.

The Department of Environment and Sustainability (EVS) offers undergraduate students an opportunity to pursue a variety of degree programs and professional pathways. Degree programs include a Bachelor of Arts (BA Degree) in Environmental Sustainability, Bachelor of Science (BS Degree) in Environmental Studies, Bachelor of Science (BS Degree) in Environmental Science and a minor in Environmental Studies.

Each of these degree programs provide students with varied coursework and experience that enable them to focus their studies in the areas of environmental resources, policy, education, and sustainability. Professional pathways, as a result, are diverse and have students find positions with private non-profits, governmental agencies, and corporate organizations.

Many of our students connect with these environmental positions, both locally and beyond, through the networking activities of our Departmental Administrators as well as their own extensive experiential learning opportunities that are available through the Department.

If you are a student who is passionate about the environment, eager to learn and experience , and  anxious to make positive changes in this world, then you may find a “home” with us in the Department of Environment and Sustainability.

Undergraduate Overview

  • B.S. in Environmental Sciences
    The Bachelor of Science Degree (BS) in Environmental Science is designed to incorporate a strong foundation in biological, physical, chemical, mathematics and statistics, and geospatial techniques.
  • B.S. in Environmental Studies
    The Bachelor of Science Degree (BS) in Environmental Studies is designed to incorporate a strong foundation in the Natural Sciences with a good foundation in the Social Sciences and Humanities.
  • B.A. in Environmental Sustainability
    The Bachelor of Arts Degree (BA) in Environmental Sustainability is designed to incorporate a strong foundation in the Social Sciences and Humanities with a good foundation in the Natural Sciences.
  • Minor in Sustainability
    Are you passionate about making a difference in the world? Minoring in Sustainability is your chance to gain the knowledge and skills needed to tackle some of the planet's most pressing challenges. This minor is perfect for students across all majors who are eager to contribute to a more sustainable future.
  • Minor in Environmental Studies
    Looking to deepen your understanding of environmental issues while enhancing your major? The Environmental Studies Minor is perfect for students across all disciplines. Whether you're into Environmental Resources, Policy, Conservation, or Ecology, this minor complements your academic journey.