Environment and Sustainability Opportunities

At the department of Environment and Sustainability, we know the importance of the future of our students. We make sure, they grow organically and have a sustainable future. To enhance their knowledge and skillsets, we provide them with many opportunities where they can get hands-on experience in learning and improving their abilities to understand, perceive, and act in a sustainable way.

Every student is provided with an internship opportunity along the way where they can acquire experiential learning on topics of their interest. Our department also enables the students to be part of a listserv that sends out job postings, grant opportunities, internships, research opportunities and graduate programs in the Environment and Sustainability fields. Our faculty post various opportunities to these listservs where students are notified about any potential leads. To make it accessible and easier, we have allowed everyone to subscribe including current undergraduate and graduate students, as well as alumni,   and one does not need a "buffalo.edu" email address in order to subscribe to the listserv. 

To subscribe, please click here to join.  You can also unsubscribe at any time by clicking on this same link.