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Our graduate curriculum trains students for employment in industry, academia, or government agencies. We emphasize fundamental and advanced geoscience coursework in geophysics, geochemistry, and hydrogeology complemented by interdisciplinary offerings to prepare students for their future careers. The majority of our graduate students receive financial sponsorship through Research and/or Teaching Assistantships. Graduates of our program are employed as faculty members, consultants, and government scientists.

Prospective graduate students are invited to contact faculty members to discuss potential projects. Teaching and Research Assistantships are awarded on a highly competitive basis and applicants will only receive full considerations once the online application process is completed.

The Water and Environment program offers PhDMS, and MA degrees. Additionally, our students can obtain a PSM advanced certificate in Hydrogeology.

Related coursework includes:

GLY 414/514 – Hydrogeology

GLY 419/519 - Environmental Geophysics

GLY 462/562 – Aqueous Geochemistry

GLY 526 – Geology for Graduate Students

GLY 529 – Analysis of Geologic Data

GLY 530 - Groundwater Flow Modeling

GLY 564 - Field Methods in Hydrogeology

GLY 568 – Environmental Organic Geochemistry

GLY 606 – Contaminant Hydrogeology

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