Extracurricular Groups and Clubs

A key belief we have in our department is the importance of getting involved in our many out-of-class opportunities. Participation in extra-curricular activities in the environmental field leads to more learning, more networking, and overall more success. Students in clubs together tend to study more, collaborate more, and have a more fulfilling university experience. 

Alpha Kappa Chi is a co-educational professional environmental fraternity whose mission is to promote the self-confidence, professionalism, and brotherhood among member individuals in preparation for and commitment to practicing environmental sustainability.

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UB Environmental Network meets every other Monday in Clemens 120 at 6 PM

UB Environmental Network is the preeminent association of environmentally-minded students on campus.  We are a passionate and inclusive group of students interested in advocating for, and creating positive change for the environment.

We participate in a host of events and activities including working on campus sustainability initiatives, advocating for environmental change through petitioning and protesting, coordinate and participate in UB's Earth Week Activities, host guest speakers, and many more!

Contact Information:
Address: 350 SU Buffalo, NY 14260

Engineers for a Sustainable World is a club that works to directly improve the quality of life on Earth through active example and by proactively working to lessen the harmful impact of humanity on the environment. Members of ESW use both engineering knowledge and practicality to pursue this goal, while simultaneously improving their own skill sets through the work that they do.

As such, ESW-UB holds these to be the values and goals of our club at this university: 
1. To work to actively improve the world through projects both on and off campus 
2. To improve knowledge of sustainable methods of living and engineering both in ESW and in the community 
3. To use public outreach to motivate and empower others so that they recognize and act on the importance of incorporating sustainable living into daily life 
4. To improve the technical knowledge (and resumes) of our members while pursing these sustainable goals

Contact Information:
Address: 320 Bell Hall, Buffalo, NY 14260
eswubwebsite [at] gmail.com

Outdoor Adventure Club promotes enjoyment of the outdoors in venues and activities as well as educate students about safety thereof. Pursue objectives through meetings, activities and projects. Whitewater rafting, backpacking, cross country skiing, canoeing, camping. Meetings are every Wednesday 8PM in Knox 20

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Address: 370 SU, Buffalo, NY 14260

Outdoor Pursuits

Office / Gear Loan Hours:  Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 8-10pm

Lake LaSalle Paddling: Daily, 5pm-8pm - Weather Permitting (Opens April 15th)

Contact Information:
Address: 150 SU, Buffalo, NY 14260
Contact Email: crispell [at] buffalo.edu
Phone Number (716) 829-6088

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