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UB undergraduate geology students in the lab.

UB's Department of Geology is an internationally recognized center for research and scholarship. We help undergraduate students develop a deep scientific understanding of Earth processes and apply this knowledge toward a career. As the demand for knowledgeable and highly-skilled earth scientists is growing, the next generation of geologists will play vital roles in helping to understand the planet we live on.

Why Geology?

The study of geology challenges students to think both spatially and creatively. Our undergraduates are inquisitive problem solvers who are passionate about the earth and addressing some of the most pressing issues of our time: climate change, resource management, and natural disasters.  

With several degree options, and the opportunity to investigate topics as diverse as glacial geology, watershed hydrology, and volcanology in locations such as Alaska, Greenland, and South America, UB Geology offers the resources of a major research institute combined with the personal attention of a small university setting.

Whether they pursue a BS or BA, undergraduate geology majors leave our program equipped with a flexible degree and an even more flexible mind. Our graduates thrive in situations both complex and uncertain, and carry this ability with them as they embark on exciting careers in what Hans Cloos calls “the music of the earth.” 

Undergraduate Degree Tracks

Associate Professor Margarete Jadamec, Director of Undergraduate Studies.

Associate Professor Margarete Jadamec, Director of Undergraduate Studies

Our Department

Our department provides the benefits of a small college atmosphere in the midst of a large research university. We restrict our geology courses to 15-25 students, and 98% of these courses are taught by faculty. We conduct active research programs that include close collaboration between UB faculty across chemistry, geography, biology, environmental engineering, and several other departments, as well as with national research groups such as NASA and the National Science Foundation. UB Geology boasts state of the art research facilities such as the Geohazards Field Station, operated by the Center for Geohazards Studies. UB Geology also offers undergraduates many opportunities to conduct research either independently or with our award-winning professors. 

Career Opportunities

A student in scuba gear conducts research underwater.

An understanding of the earth and environmental issues has never been more vitally important. With the proliferation of challenges in energy, natural resources, and environmental health, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects excellent job opportunities for geoscientists. An education in geology can also be an asset in such fields as Environmental Law, Politics, and Education. 
Typical positions of our Bachelor students have been: hydrogeologist, geologist, environmental consultant, exploration geophysicist, oil and gas drilling technician, science teacher, technician with BLM and USGS, geographic information system (GIS) spatial analyst and graduate school for advanced degrees. 

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Alane Monell

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