Meet Our Students

Our students come from diverse backgrounds and pursue a variety of different careers, but they have one thing in common: a desire to understand the past. We're honored to help them on their journey. Learn more about why our students think the University at Buffalo Department of History is the perfect place to study. 

I truly can’t play this pick-one-game since I absolutely loved most of my classes with my whole heart. Nevertheless, to answer the question I would say my favorite experience would be working on my research projects with Dr. Stapleton. Working with her is as fulfilling/ thrilling as being on an endless adventure.
To be honest, every single class and experience during my time as a history major has been excellent. From the office staff to the faculty, everyone in the department is there to help you achieve your academic and career goals. I have taken courses on everything from the history of WWII to the cultural history of the Huron-Wendat Nation and the evolution of my favorite sport, soccer. However, my experience with the History Honors Program stood out as the most memorable and rewarding.
What drew me to the UB Department of History was the fact that several professors were very well matched to my interest area. I saw how students and faculty members were collegial to each other.
The passion that the department’s teachers have for the subjects they teach. The professors genuinely care about their students and push them to go farther in their research.
After graduating I continued my work as the Coordinator of Jewish Student Life for Hillel of Buffalo in a full time role. Through Hillel International, I was accepted to the Ezra Fellowship.
Dr. Claire Schen was the biggest single factor that attracted me to UB. Her background in the study of the religious history of Britain caught my eye when I was looking at prospective programs, but more importantly she took time to communicate with me before I applied and after I was accepted in regards to the specifics of the program, her research, and my interests.
After meeting with Dr. Radford, I was convinced that the Masters Program would be an intellectually stimulating and welcoming program!
I’ve always loved reading and writing about history. Graduate school for history was something I always wanted to do. The University at Buffalo’s History Department has an excellent reputation and an incredibly knowledgeable faculty. The opportunity to do graduate work at UB means you get to study and think about history at high level. That’s something that attracted me to study here.
Since starting the PhD program here, I have been pleasantly surprised by the number of opportunities grad students can take advantage of. Research and conference funding is available from a number of sources, and the department has given me the opportunity to teach three of my own classes.
If you enjoy learning about history, working with renowned scholars within various fields on a personal basis, creating and conducting your own research limited only by your imagination, and generally enjoy the company of fellow nerds and actually having fun in an academic setting, then I would say “Welcome to the University at Buffalo!” because you’ve found the right place!