Graduate Overview

UB History Graduate Students.

Studying history at the graduate level in the UB Department of History is rigorous, stimulating and fun. Graduate students and faculty work closely together in a community committed to intellectual and civic engagement.

Students at both the MA and PhD levels receive close mentorship from a faculty that has been recognized with over 25 national fellowships and scholarly prizes in recent years, and whose members are intellectually engaged and publishing path-breaking new research. Our expertise spans time and space, with particular strengths in the fields of Race, Empire and Nation; Medicine, Disability and Science; Early Modern Societies; and The Twentieth Century World. 

Our graduate students establish close relationships with advisors and mentors who guide them on the path to an Advanced Certificate, MA, or PhD. Students take part in small seminars that deepen and broaden their historical knowledge, and then become historians themselves as they make their own contributions through primary research and writing. Doctoral students receive additional training in history pedagogy, with teaching assistantships that get them into the classroom practicing the craft of history education.

All graduate students benefit from events such as scholarly talks on fascinating new research and writing and informal discussions intended to help students navigate the historical profession and the job market.

Office Hours

Director of Graduate Studies, Professor Michael Rembis
By Zoom: Monday 1:00-3:00 PM
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Graduate Degree Options

Interested in taking graduate classes, but not ready to commit to a degree program? Try taking courses as a non-degree student! For more information, contact the Department of History.

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Current Student and Recent Alumni Testimonials

  • Justin Masucci, PhD Candidate
    The most appealing aspect of the graduate program at UB is the cooperative spirit among the graduate students. Generally-speaking, the members of doctoral cohorts aid each other rather than compete with each other.
  • Derek Taylor, PhD Class of 2021
    Dr. Claire Schen was the biggest single factor that attracted me to UB. Her background in the study of the religious history of Britain caught my eye when I was looking at prospective programs, but more importantly she took time to communicate with me before I applied and after I was accepted in regards to the specifics of the program, her research, and my interests.
  • David Strittmatter, PhD Class of 2018
    Since starting the PhD program here, I have been pleasantly surprised by the number of opportunities grad students can take advantage of. Research and conference funding is available from a number of sources, and the department has given me the opportunity to teach three of my own classes.
  • Elisabeth Davis, PhD Class of 2020
    I was drawn to UB by the professors. The professors in in the history department are not only at the top of their field but have a wide field of research. Where else can you find department where one professor studies death in America while another studies nobility in early modern France?
  • Shuko Tamao, PhD Class of 2020
    What drew me to the UB Department of History was the fact that several professors were very well matched to my interest area. I saw how students and faculty members were collegial to each other.
  • Shanleigh Corrallo, PhD Class of 2020
    I currently study African American and urban history following World War II. My focus is on Black Power organizations in Rustbelt areas; I study how these organizations responded to federal initiatives such as urban renewal that often led to the destruction of minority homes and communities. Following graduation, I envision myself working for a think-tank or a non-profit organization in a policy capacity.
  • Tanya Blakeley-Clark, PhD Candidate
    Initially, the prospect of working with Dr. Claire Schen drew me to UB. I became familiar with her work as a master’s student and was excited at the opportunity to study under her. What solidified my decision was the welcoming environment that I experienced during my campus visit and the interdisciplinary approach that the department takes with regards to courses and research work.
  • Joshua Keil, MA Class of 2018
    If you enjoy learning about history, working with renowned scholars within various fields on a personal basis, creating and conducting your own research limited only by your imagination, and generally enjoy the company of fellow nerds and actually having fun in an academic setting, then I would say “Welcome to the University at Buffalo!” because you’ve found the right place!