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The UB History Department offers students rich opportunities to pursue their intellectual passions through diverse course offerings and in an inclusive social environment.  We help students explore the past while gaining skills that they can use for their future.  History students learn how to analyze complex issues, think critically, and communicate with others – all necessities for careers in today’s world.

Historians ask “what” happened and “why” to explain how the many contexts we live in today have taken shape over time ‒ from our local environment and nations to global connections.  Students in the History Department learn to interpret relevant issues by applying different methodologies and exploring multiple perspectives.  They closely analyze texts and maps, study autobiographical documents and oral histories, and interpret films and political posters.  In this process, they gain competences that they may use well into their careers after college.

If you are curious about what our majors go on to do after graduation, check out these testimonials from some of our current students and recent alumni.

Office Hours for the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Professor Andreas Daum:

Thursday 4:00-6:00 PM and by appointment

Department of History

Department Hours:  8:30am-5:00pm

Email: UGHIS@buffalo.edu

Phone Number: (716) 645-3433

Why choose History at UB?

  • Accomplished scholars as primary instructors
  • Individual mentorship from faculty
  • Balance between large and small class environment
  • A departmental Honors Program (different from UB Honors College)
  • Opportunities to pursue individual research projects
  • Prizes and scholarships for undergraduates
  • Vast resources at a high-profile research university 
  • Support for study abroad programs
  • Possibility of Public History Internships
  • Perfect fit with Finish in Four
  • Support for continued study in our MA/PhD programs 

What will you do with your History major?

Studying history develops habits of mind, values of citizenship, and practical skills that have served our students well in their later endeavors. Our graduates work in so many fields: journalism, law, education, government service and the military, business, politics, curatorial and management roles in museums, cultural organizations and non-profits, communications and public relations. According to data from the American Historical Association, our students' diverse career paths match up with national trends for history majors. To these careers, our students bring the critical thinking skills necessary to respond to complicated problems with  creative solutions, their written and oral communication expertise and research abilities, as well as their passion for serving the community. 

Want to explore even more options? The American Historical Association maintains this guide to careers for history majors.

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Current Student and Recent Alumni Testimonials