Meet Our Students

Our students come from diverse backgrounds and pursue a variety of different careers, but they have one thing in common: a desire to understand the past. We're honored to help them on their journey. Learn more about why our students think the University at Buffalo Department of History is the perfect place to study. 

I went to UB as an undergraduate and was blown away by the knowledge and skill of the history department faculty. The classes I attended as an undergrad were fascinating and insightful, and they shaped the way I look at the world today. When it came time to decide on a graduate school, I knew I wanted to continue my research with a department that had already taught me so much.
The passion that the department’s teachers have for the subjects they teach. The professors genuinely care about their students and push them to go farther in their research.
To be honest, every single class and experience during my time as a history major has been excellent. From the office staff to the faculty, everyone in the department is there to help you achieve your academic and career goals. I have taken courses on everything from the history of WWII to the cultural history of the Huron-Wendat Nation and the evolution of my favorite sport, soccer. However, my experience with the History Honors Program stood out as the most memorable and rewarding.
I became a History Major after Dr. Claude Welch in the Political Science Department recommended Dr. Harold Langfur’s “History of Brazil” class after I made a special class presentation on civil-military relations in the Lusophone world.
What drew me to the UB Department of History was the fact that several professors were very well matched to my interest area. I saw how students and faculty members were collegial to each other.
My favorite course in the history department was a special topics history course that studied the history of crime, punishment and imprisonment in the United States, and how each of these things relate to African American history. The course dealt with complex themes and encouraged students to think critically about modern race relations in the United States.
I was drawn to UB by the professors. The professors in in the history department are not only at the top of their field but have a wide field of research. Where else can you find department where one professor studies death in America while another studies nobility in early modern France?
History is the most fascinating and intriguing subject to me because I believe it is important to study where we came from, how societies developed, and history can even teach us about our futures. Becoming part of the History Department at UB was one of my best decisions as it is full of the greatest professors on campus and the most interesting of subjects, there is something for everyone.
Initially, the prospect of working with Dr. Claire Schen drew me to UB. I became familiar with her work as a master’s student and was excited at the opportunity to study under her. What solidified my decision was the welcoming environment that I experienced during my campus visit and the interdisciplinary approach that the department takes with regards to courses and research work.
I have loved ever single history class I have taken. If I were to choose to pick a favorite, it would be HIS 391:China and the World with Professor Stapleton.