Meet Our Students

Our students come from diverse backgrounds and pursue a variety of different careers, but they have one thing in common: a desire to understand the past. We're honored to help them on their journey. Learn more about why our students think the University at Buffalo Department of History is the perfect place to study. 

  • Milenie Mani, Current History BA Student
    “I found history to be interesting because of how broad but yet specific the world of history can be. As a history major, I can study the past and present societies as well as people's behaviors. My academic study in history has allowed me to understand how the past historical events and societies can be connected to modern day episodes. Within my four years in the history department, I feel as though my focus on historical issues has allowed me to develop the abilities to think critically and analyze historical trends. I have strengthened my writing skills and am able to write in depth on complex issues. I chose to major in history because it offers the most versatility in terms of learning about science, art, religion, politics, and culture. I recommend majoring in history to anyone who displays a wide range of interests and is seeking to enhance your writing and research skills.” 
  • Angelo Lomeo, BA Class of 2011, MA Class of 2013
    "I am a 10th grade World History and AP World History teacher at a high school in the local Buffalo area. I do not know what my current life would look like without the University at Buffalo's History Undergraduate program. The program and its professors, especially Dr. Andreas Daum, are welcoming, enthusiastic, supportive, rigorous, and inspiring. At the end of the program, I not only felt well-prepared for my career, but I felt the life lessons learned and relationships formed along the way indicated to me that taking the program was one of the best decisions I have ever made." 
  • Eric Stroiber, BA Class of 2009
    Majoring in history does not limit one to becoming a history teacher. Many industries, including banking, are recruiting liberal arts majors because of their ability to think critically, understand and manage complex social and political relationships, and develop new ideas on how companies should navigate current and future business environments.
  • Mohamad Naji, BA Class of 2021
    “One thing I loved during my time in the history department, is the amazing professors I had. There is a wide range of topics that students can learn about and all the professors made the classes fantastic. I only ever had fantastic professors and they really made my experience only more enjoyable. You really cannot go wrong with any of the professors and I look at a lot of them as role models for me beyond my time at UB.” 
  • Mia Hanson, BA Class of 2021
    "I really enjoyed my four years of studying history at UB. I loved that classes were unique and interesting: I was able to study subjects like Stalinism, LGBTQ history, and the history of fashion. I strengthened my skills in analysis and writing with the support of many of my professors. I also got to apply my knowledge in creative ways, not just writing research papers, but also creating podcasts and presentations. Studying at UB has helped me feel prepared for graduate school, where I am currently studying Russian culture and history. Take a chance on a history class at UB, I guarantee you will enjoy it." 
  • Mariah Agbonkpolo, BA Class of 2021
    "I wanted to become a History major because we need to understand the past if we want to create lasting social change. Since I wanted to pursue a degree in law, I felt it was necessary to understand how historical processes create institutional barriers that perpetuate social inequalities. Being a history major provided me with the space to study the impact of social identities such as race and gender on the past and present. "
  • Sam Trzaska, BA Class of 2018
    To be honest, every single class and experience during my time as a history major has been excellent. From the office staff to the faculty, everyone in the department is there to help you achieve your academic and career goals. I have taken courses on everything from the history of WWII to the cultural history of the Huron-Wendat Nation and the evolution of my favorite sport, soccer. However, my experience with the History Honors Program stood out as the most memorable and rewarding.
  • Vicky Jocelin, BA Class of 2009
    I graduated from the University at Buffalo in May of 2009 with a BA in History and Teacher Education Minor. My degree created an opening at a non-profit agency where I assisted over-aged and under credited at-risk students earn their high school diploma.
  • Logan Woodward, BA Class of 2017
    After graduating I continued my work as the Coordinator of Jewish Student Life for Hillel of Buffalo in a full time role. Through Hillel International, I was accepted to the Ezra Fellowship.
  • Danielle Redfield, BA Class of 2022
    “I was drawn to UB's History department because of the diversity in both the professors and the courses offered. This was extremely important to me in planning my education because I wanted to be taught by scholars who each brought their own varied perspectives into their field of study. Being a History major at UB has given me some of my best memories. The department is filled with some of the smartest people I think I'll ever meet who truly have a passion for the field they're in but more importantly the students they teach. The people in the program constantly push each other to widen perspectives and challenge how we understand history. UB History has shaped how I look at history and how I look at what is happening around me in the world today.”