Careers in Jewish Thought

The undergraduate degree in Jewish Studies offers more than a simple employment trajectory. It opens doors to further study and a wide range of fulfilling careers that require a special combination of intellectual curiosity, emotional maturity and mental dexterity. With these skills, our students have successfully pursued careers in medicine, law, business, higher education, advocacy, the arts, historical preservation and more.

Where Are They Now?

Our alumni are making their mark! 

Aden Cook.
Aden Cook (’14) - Major in Psychology and Jewish Studies

Aden is currently working on a PhD in Clinical Psychology at Medaille College and is a Youth Mentor and Trans Educator and plans to with youth, with a focus on those identifying as LGBT.

Logan Woodard.
Logan Woodard (’17) - Major in History and Minor in Jewish Studies

Logan is at UB Hillel as an Ezra fellow. Ezra Fellows work full-time engaging students in Jewish life by infusing Jewish knowledge into their conversations and programs. The Fellowship provides up to three years of exclusive training in pluralistic Jewish education, including immersive Jewish learning, seminars in experiential Jewish education, and career coaching. Fellows also work with some of the most innovative organizations in contemporary Jewish life, including Mechon Hadar, M2, iCenter and more.

Nicole Caine.
Nicole Caine (’17) - Major in Gender Studies and Minor in Jewish Studies

Nicole is working on a Master's in Public Administration at Syracuse University in the Public and Nonprofit Management. Her focus is in policy related to the fields of Disability Rights, Gender Studies, Education Policy and Social Policy. She is currently a research assistant supporting disability-related research initiatives related to policy development at the Burton Blatt Institute.