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  • Independent Study Proposal
  • Internship Proposal
  • Force Registration Request Form
  • Request for Incomplete Grade

Undergraduate Resources


Advising Sheets

  • For the Production Concentration
  • For the Critical Studies Concentration
  • For Film Studies Major
  • For Game Studies Certificate
  • For the Minor

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Graduate Resources

  • Graduate Independent Study Evaluation
  • Request for Absence from Teaching

Interdisciplinary Masters of Arts in Humanities

  • MAH Requirements

Media Arts/ Architecture Program

  • MArch/MFA Requirements
  • MArch/MS Requirements

MFA in Media Arts Productions

  • Guidelines for First Year Review (MFA)
  • MFA Requirements (Roadmap)
  • MFA Schedule (Gold Form I)
  • MFA Thesis Guidelines (Gold Form II)
  • MFA Thesis Proposal Committee Selection
  • MFA Thesis Proposal Progress Map

PhD in Media Study

  • Guidelines for First Year Review (PhD)
  • Annual PhD Student Review
  • PhD Schedule (White Form I)
  • PhD Requirements (Roadmap/ White Form II)
  • PhD Thesis Guidelines (White Form III)
  • PhD Qualifying Exam Committee Selection Form
  • PhD Dissertation Proposal Committee Selection Form

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