Graduate Overview

"Image of video installation, Liquid is Light, 2016, © Kalpana Subramanian" photo by Yvette Granata.

"Image of video installation, Liquid is Light, 2016, © Kalpana Subramanian" photo by Yvette Granata

The Department of Media Study at the University at Buffalo is a leading program in innovative media production, theory and practice-led research. The department’s focus areas are experimental and radical uses of media in the arts and in society at large. The faculty’s methods are diverse: historical, theoretical, practice-led and practice-based. DMS is renowned for its pioneering contributions to experimental film and video, and today the department adds digital, computational, and interactive media to these existing strengths. DMS provides a community where graduate students can develop their own voices as media makers and researchers. DMS’s objective is to prepare students not just to thrive in a media-saturated world, but to shape it. The department offers courses in film and video production, interactive media, digital media, physical computing, media networks and web-based media.

Degree Options


Virtual Reality Theater