Nataliya Karpov

Nataliya Karpov with other students in London.

Studying abroad is an awe-inspiring experience that I can’t even begin to explain my appreciation and excitement for.

When I started looking for a program, I was overwhelmed with choice, and the decision to go to London was not an easy one to make. But my intentions were always the same: to find a program where I could branch out, meet new people and explore a place I’d never be able to travel to without the help of UB.

London was exactly what I was looking for. The diversity of the city, combined with its fast pace and history is like nowhere I’d ever been before. I strongly believe that you have to deeply, honestly, commit to whatever it is you’re doing, and I did this while in London. I picked up slang, I learned how to use public transportation, and I fell deeply in love with my new city. When I was there, I saw or learned something new every single day. This is an experience you really can’t get at home. Every culture that I witnessed was authentic, from the clothes to the languages to cuisines. This is what made it easy to immerse myself in the city, because it was all so real. The benefits of studying abroad will affect me for the rest of my life. I met people and saw things I’ll never forget. Seeing things from the perspective of a student in another country changes how you see the world. You become more mature and worldly, and you truly learn how to be an adult. I recommend this program, and every other study abroad program to everyone I meet. It will change you.

– Nataliya Karpov