Student Stories

Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire, England.

Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire, England

Hear from our world-traveling students who had a terrific time during their winter adventures in London! 

  • Lim Kay Yong
    Normally, I would have spent my December holidays meeting friends or playing games. This year, I signed up for UB Winter Study Abroad London and it was one of the best choices I could have made.
  • Yanling Dong
    I have been planning to study abroad since I was a freshman. However, it was not until my senior year when I studied abroad in London that I realized study abroad is even more meaningful and exciting than I expected.
  • Jessica Hinaman
    Because my school semesters are full of courses required for my curriculum, I never expected to be able to study abroad and graduate on schedule. An exciting opportunity opened up for me when I learned that I could study abroad during a winter session.
  • Halijah Binte Omar
    This winter abroad program to London has definitely enriched and provided me with so many unforgettable bittersweet memories. It allowed me to have first-hand experience in living abroad as well as provided me with the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills that not only can be found inside of the classroom.
  • Nataliya Karpov
    Studying abroad is an awe-inspiring experience that I can’t even begin to explain my appreciation and excitement for.
  • Auriel Anderson
    It has been a personal dream of mine to study abroad in London, England. Although the price tag was a lot more than I could afford, I did not want that to stop me from following my dreams and gaining the learning experience that a textbook couldn’t give me.