Takiyah Amin

Guest Artist Photo.

Friday Forum Guest Dance Artists Program
2021-2022 Academic Year

As part of THD’s Friday Forum Guest Dance Artists program, Dr. Takiyah Amin will provide a lecture in teaching methods on Friday, March 11, 2022. Takiyah Nur Amin, Ph.D. is a dance scholar, educator and academic success strategist. Her research focuses on 20th century American concert dance, African diaspora dance performance/aesthetics and pedagogical issues in dance studies.

Dr. Amin has earned degrees from Temple University, Virginia Tech and the State University of New York at Buffalo, making her the first of their graduates to complete the Ph.D. in Dance Studies.

She has earned graduate certificates in Womens and Gender Studies and Teaching in Higher Education. Dr. Amin has been an invited participant at the Black Performance Theory convening, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s New Connections Symposium and as a Visiting Fellow at Harvard University’s W.E.B. DuBois Institute for African and African American Research and Mellon School of Theater, Performance and Research. 

Dr. Takiyah Nur Amin - Scholar • Educator • Strategist