Megan Rakeepile

Megan Rakeepile.

Friday Forum Guest Dance Artists Program
2021-2022 Academic Year

Taking traditional Afro Caribbean dance and technique from Haiti, Cuba, West and South Africa as well as the west indies. and incorporating modern dance technique from Katherine Dunham, Jose Limon, Garth Fagan, Lester Horton, Martha Graham, and then infusing Danish Ballet and Jazz technique, Megan Rakeepile will provide a master class in Afro Jazz Fusion as part of THD’s Friday Forum Guest Dance Artists program on Friday, October 29, 2021. The work allows dancers to strengthen their center, work on flexibility, and to use the body to move fluidly in parallel and polyrhythms.

A passionate artist born and raised in Buffalo NY, Megan began her dance training at Miss Barbara’s School of Dance and Buffalo City Ballet in Buffalo, NY and is a graduate of Buffalo Academy for Visual and Performing Arts. She received her dance certification (PTP) in Toronto from Ballet Creole where she continued to dance and teach as a freelance artist in Toronto. After returning to the states, Megan was a company member with Garth Fagan Dance Company

Megan started nonprofit programs for the arts and artist at Grace UCC, Urban Christian Ministries, and New Generation Ministries. Megan is currently the Founder and Artistic Director of MahatmaMmoho Collective (Step Together Collective) bring together artist from all walks of life and professions to create a work of unity and culture exchange. She works as a freelance dancer and teacher, does guest performances with other artist such as Drea DNur (singer & song writer) as well as other dance companies like Future Pointe Dance in Rochester NY.